2022-04-08 Board of Health issues cease and desist order to Verizon

1) A terrific effort by this Board of Health in Massachusetts. It will be interesting to see what Verizon does over the next week.

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Pittsfield Board of Health Issuing Cease & Desist to Verizon TODAY!

“The Pittsfield BoH unanimously voted to issue a cease and desist order to Verizon for the harm their cell tower has caused.

As this week’s BoH meeting details, they are set to issue the order today.”


At about 1:40 of the meeting, a discussion ensues about the responsibility of the Board of Health to take action to protect the health of the citizens regardless of whether the offender is a huge telecom or a small gas station. If only other boards of health would be so responsible. Our past Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Kendall, refused to even acknowledge a potential problem, refused to even consider taking any precautionary actions.

https://watch.pittsfieldtv.net/CablecastPublicSite/show/44409?channel=9  (video of Board meeting)

2) Amazon will be competing with Starlink for satellite internet customers through many hundreds of low orbit satellites. No place on earth will be free of RF radiation soon — could this be a factor in the disappearance of bees in otherwise “clean” environments? Please see Letters below.

Despite Warnings and Opposition, Amazon Approved for Launching 3,236 Broadband Satellites

“Amazon’s Project Kuiper plans to take on Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service. Kuiper aims to provide high-speed, low-latency broadband to customers in rural places. Like Starlink, Amazon will have affordable customer terminals and a ground-based communications network.”


3) Money being spent to speed up the development and use of 5G networks but, so far, nothing publicized about money for research to ensure 5G technology is safe.

DoD and NTIA Team Up to Launch 5G Challenge Event with “total prize purse of up to $3 million to contestants”

NTIA, DoD launch 5G challenge to accelerate development of 5G

“NTIA said that this prize competition aims to accelerate the adoption of open interfaces, interoperable components and multi-vendor solutions toward the development of an open 5G ecosystem.

“Increasing the resilience and security of our supply chain is at the heart of NTIA’s work to incentivize open and interoperable 5G networks and increase the diversity of suppliers in the 5G ecosystem,” said Alan Davidson, assistant secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator. “NTIA and ITS are excited to collaborate with the Department of Defense on the 5G Challenge because it reinforces our joint understanding that cost-effective, secure 5G networks are key to both national and economic security.”




From a beekeeper:

https://www.facebook.com/InnisfilCreekHoney/videos/515314663444147 (60 sec. video)

Unwrapping dead bees this spring.
A day of dead bees.

Beekeeper Innisfil Ontario loses tons of hives. “There is something going on”
This year pretty much all dead; and there is no reason for it.                (It is an organic apple orchard and they use no pesticides.)

I sent him one of my letters to an Alberta Senator about bees and agriculture (if anyone wants to see, let me know; it includes research links) . The beekeeper is not that open yet about radiation damage, calls it conspiracy as of now, but he might change in the near future. For now, he must just be very sad to find his hives lifeless.

My husband started 2 hives last year, and one hive seems to have no life. He tried to get radiation on the agenda of his beekeepers course (was in Alberta) and we tried locally.

It is something that many beekeepers do not touch yet. I guess it is something they haven’t heard of enough yet. Work for us.

Let me know if you hear more bee stories like this this spring.

The beekeeper’s info.
The orchard is 3150 5th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 4P7, Canada you can find it on the cell tower’s map (close enough to highway 400, but the beekeeper says that cell reception is poor there; but bees fly everywhere)
I copied some of the comments (it was public, so I left the names in for now) It shows many people have similar experiences. Many more comments about similar experiences are on the facebook page.

Katie Cox
So strange I also lost 6 of 6 hives this year and full of honey. Such devastation.

Heather Stevens Hall
Katie Cox we didn’t have a good year either Katie

Doug Gage
Yep..I lost all 4 of mine..still lots of honey but very few bees inside.

Heather Ellen Wright
Katie Cox my friend Janna lost her hives because wasps ate the bees

Elizabeth Yvonne Pelletier
I’m so sorry. If you don’t know how or why, I can’t imagine who would!
Our strongest hive (out of only seven) didn’t make it. Less of a loss, but still confusing in context.

Jen Schilling
I lost 4 of 4, also full Of honey, treated in fall. I’ve never kept a large number of hives but I’ve never lost 100% of them over winter.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”      Albert Einstein


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation