2022-04- 06 Lawsuit in Norway re. smeters & DE

1) A member sent this. I am not familiar with the person giving this class, but it’s free and it might provide some help or good ideas for those who are sensitive. Registration is required and the class with be recorded in case you can’t watch it live.

Heavy Metals, EMFs, Electrosensitivity & How to Protect Yourself

Join, listen and ask questions! Class airs live on Thursday, April 7 @ 3PM EST. noon PT

2) In Norway, a lawsuit is going on in which plaintiffs claim that dirty electricity from smeters has caused health problems EVEN WHEN TRANSMITTERS ARE DISABLED!!! This makes sense because it is the conversion by the switch mode power supply that creates DE, and electric smeters have a SMPS to convert some of the AC to DC to run the smeter itself. This has been one element many of us have argued about (including in our lawsuit) and BC Hydro, FortisBC and BCUC ignored us.


“A new technical test report shows that the new “smart” electricity meters that have been rolled out in Norway and in other countries, in homes and at workplaces, pollute the electricity grid in the buildings with more “dirty electricity” than do old meters. Thereby, the new meters have the potential to be a health problem – even when they are “un-smartened”, i.e., with the radio transmitters in the meters removed or silenced. “Dirty electricity” is an industry term for several types of electrical noise spreading through power lines and creating or impacting electromagnetic fields around them.”

“Dirty power” from new electricity meters: Key to a health problem?


If you wish to learn more about SMPS, here is an article that explains it simply:

New Critical Problem with ‘Smart’ Meters: The Switching-Mode Power Supply

“The SMPS function emits sharp spikes of millisecond bursts constantly, 24/7. The SMPS on the OWS 514 NIC model, for instance, which is the smart meter model widely installed by PG&E throughout its territory, has been measured to emit spikes of up to 50,000 hz and higher. This constant pulsing of high frequencies, in addition to the RF function, is causing not only interference with other electric and electronic equipment in many homes with smart meters installed, but also is causing havoc with biological systems in its field of exposure.”


3) The “military Internet of Things”. The only good thing I can envision possibly coming from this is improved cybersecurity which just might extend to our infrastructures, etc.

Northrop Grumman announces 5G defense partnership with AT&T

“Defense giant Northrop Grumman and AT&T are partnering to create what will be a “military Internet of Things” where sensors, weapons and data will all be connected by a 5G network.

  • Warden said in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the prevalence of cyber attacks, information-sharing between the government and private sector is more important than ever, and cybersecurity needs to be baked in at every level of company planning.”


4) I realize that many of us are a little jaded about signing petitions but someday one, perhaps this one, will find an audience and get some attention. Many of the eastern US states have some very active people who are getting results. I’ve signed and I hope you will consider doing so, too, and then sharing.

To: NY State Legislature Energy and Telecom Committees

New Yorkers Demand Safe Utility Meter and Broadband Policies



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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