2022-04-05 Broadband International asks FCC for “proper risk assessment of satellites”

1) A webinar by Jeff Hays. Here is some info about him, in case he is unfamiliar to you. https://www.jeffhaysfilms.com/about


Why you should be concerned & what you can do

Webinar April 7, 1pm PT. Registration required.


2) More action by the BBILAN, this one re. satellites.

Group Asks FCC, Other Federal Agencies to Pause Satellite Launches for 180 Days and “conduct proper risk assessment”

Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) asked the FCC to pause SpaceX satellite launching for 180 days and to consider safer broadband deployment options instead.



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b6bQGQcOYT_xa3NERiA-TqrMvtPp9uGN/  (view the letter in format that is easier to read)

3) A subscriber to the distribution list – Paul – is seeking information and advice on re-locating to a low-EMF location in rural British Columbia either in a tiny house or similar-sized small cabin. If you know anyone who has done anything like this in BC or can offer advice in terms options or others who would like to do the same, please contact Paul at:  paulp55@teksavvy.com .  Please use “Low EMF Rural BC” in the subject line.

4) One person’s experience with a cell transmitter… Despite having received many complaints about health concerns, the college did nothing until this person published his letter. The cell tower was not removed — the tutorial center was. So more students and staff will be irradiated all for the sake a few dollars.


“The microwave radiation from Verizon’s rooftop cellular base station leaked through the ceiling of the Berkshire Community College Tutorial Center and bombarded the students and tutors sitting in the area below. It was stronger than a cell phone, never shut off, and bathed the entire body.

I suffer from Microwave Radiation Sickness, also called Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).

The radiation from the Cellular Base Station caused my condition to severely deteriorate in a short period lasting from October through December of 2017.”

Illness Reported After Cell Antennas Installed at Berkshire Community College

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As an addendum to this letter was a link to a site with so much historical information about guidelines, standards, and research going back 80 years!! A great reference.



From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: “Susan Hart, ISED, Director General, Spectrum Management Operat.” <susan.hart2@canada.ca>, “Michael Fu, Manager, West.Region, Spectrum ISED” <michael.fu@ised-isde.gc.ca>, “Carol Dowe” <caroldowe@gmail.com>, “Fred Dowe” <fred@dowe.ca>, “Bernie Ries” <bernie.ries@canada.ca>
Sent: Monday, April 4, 2022 7:03:23 PM
Subject: Re: Brian Gregg, Gold River and Qualicum Beach TELUS cell towers

Greetings, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Fu, and Mr. Ries,

Well over 3 weeks have passed, and I have not received a response from anyone regarding my letter of March 9, 2021, regarding Telus’s lobbyist Brian Gregg, from Site Path Consulting, and his underhanded methods in dealing with the public. (see letter below).

The mandate of ISIS employees is not to defend telecom lobbyists, like Mr. Gregg, but to serve the citizens whose tax dollars funds ISED. As public servants, it is your duty to act openly, in the best interest of Canadians, independently of industry pressure, and free of industry ties.

To illustrate just how far Mr. Gregg is willing to go in deceiving town councils and its residents, I am including Telus’s mock up Gregg provided to Gold River. I also included REAL photographs of what Telus’s Mr. Gregg imposed on the unsuspecting public.


This industrial monstrosity looms directly over several homes. The photograph, which shows a portion of a home, identified as (2.94MB), was taken on Eagle Crescent in Gold River, BC. What is not evident in the photograph is that this home is located on a small mountain, and that this hideous industrial cell tower structure is far taller than seen in the photograph.

Clearly, Mrs. Heart, Mr. Fu and Mr. Reis, you must agree after scrutinizing the mock up, compared with reality, that this constitutes unethical public deception, at the highest level, by Mr. Gregg. If he was a man of integrity, he would have used a REAL photograph of a monopole cell tower structure, of similar dimension and height, which Telus has plenty of.

My 11 year old grandson would have no trouble inserting such an image into a location photograph to provide an accurate depiction of Telus’s intent. Why is tech giant Telus, or Brian Gregg, incapable of performing what most children can do with one hand?

The arrival of this huge cell tower resulted in an immediate property devaluation of all homes around the tower. Would any one of you like to have such a monstrous industrial structure right behind or beside your home? How would you feel if the telecom industry would destroy the panoramic view from your living room, or your patio, by placing a hideous cell tower structure right outside your home?

If you consider this acceptable, then I suggest you lobby the telecom industry to erect monstrous cell towers in front of Premier Horgan’s, Justin Trudeau’s, or perhaps billionaire Jimmy Pattison’s private residence.

But what is far more tragic is that in EVERY home around this immense microwave transmitter, the occupants are not well, which includes a young family!

I also noticed the rapid decline of several cedar trees around the cell tower, which were healthy before. This phenomena is not evident in any other cedar trees located far away from the microwave transmitters. How do you explain this?
A packed audience of Dutch arborists held an emergency meeting in Holland, as many trees in proximity of cell towers withered away and died across the country. None of them, including the attending biologist, have ever witnessed this before.
Certainly, this is not psychosomatic, as trees have not read that chronic radiation exposure causes adverse health effects to cell structures.

As a certified EMF consultant, who has recorded many microwave readings at the same location as seen in the photograph showing the home, I will testify in court on behalf of the injured, when Telus and Sitepath Brian Gregg get sued for gross negligence causing bodily harm, that the radiation levels have skyrocketed, to absurd and extreme levels, since the construction of the Telus’s microwave transmitter.

Even during Covid lockdowns, a crew of 3 installed other transmitters.

This is the same unethical Telus lobbyist who claims that all 10 home owners around the proposed Qualicum Beach received notifications from Sitepath, even though none received written notifications as all 10 home owners expressed in written statements to ISED.

If ISED is unwilling to protect the public from these ruthless lobbyists, then please explain to me, what is the purpose of ISED?

As outlined in my letter below, the homeowner of xxxxx , whose home is in direct line of 3 powerful sector antennas at close range, wants to know if YOU will take action to correct this egregious violation of his human rights by Telus.
This homeowner uses no cell phone, no WiFi, nor a DECT phone, and insists on his human right not to have his home, nor his body, violated by Telus 24/7/365 radiation exposure, which is currently present in every room of this home. There is no consent!

Please extend the courtesy of an honest reply, and due to my position as a certified EMF consultant, please spare me Health Canada’s reprehensibly outdated Code 6, as even you must realize that they have become a captured agency.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant

attached [Lettershttps://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-03-07-important-study-re-5g-by-dr-hardell/]


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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