2022-02-22 – 2 excellent webinars now available

1) Television news show 60 Minutes on February 20th featured new content in a new in-depth segment (28 minutes) regarding Havana Syndrome. At this link, you’ll find the video and also a substantial article.


More info links: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/

2) Further to the announcement about the name change from “Stop 5G International” to “Safe Technology International,” the group’s Twitter name is also changed to @safetech_intl. So that’s:


Whether or not you have a Twitter account, you can visit there to see posts and even click on any links that are within posts. At the moment, there are many recent, interesting items posted there.

3) The recording for the “WORDS MATTER” webinar presented last week is now available (free). The two presenters gave great tips, advice, and instructions for successfully writing “Letters To The Editor” and about using Twitter most effectively and efficiently. I recommend you grab a beverage before you start watching, and have a notepad handy.


4) Webinars presented by Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) are very informative. This one was held on February 11th. This webinar was regarding what is now Bill S-5 in the Senate in Canada. At the link is an introduction, a video of the webinar, a link for Bill S-5, and other resources. Amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act is an excellent opportunity to have consideration of electromagnetic pollutants included. Excerpt from the webinar page:


Analysis & Potential Amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act: Preparing for Reform in 2022

Originally aired Friday, February 11, 2022

Co-hosted by Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and Nature Canada, this webinar discusses the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), Canada’s main environmental legislation. CEPA was the focus of parliamentary review in 2016.

Now the Government has the opportunity to make significant reforms to the Act in this parliamentary session. The webinar provides legal analysis and perspectives on key amendments to CEPA outlined in Bill S-https://parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/44-1/bill/S-5/first-reading which was introduced in April 2021 but was stopped by the 2021 election call. Bill S-5 focuses on specific areas such as Right to a Healthy Environment and vulnerable populations, pollution prevention of toxic substances, and biotechnology products. The webinar offers an opportunity to understand the amendments proposed in Bill S-5 and what a new bill may mean for protecting Canadians and their environment from the impacts of pollution and biotechnology products. Panelists will offer their thoughts on how citizens can engage in the upcoming process to amend CEPA.


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