2022-02-11 Mobi-kids study — industry involvement

1) The Mobi-kids study was to be comprehensive and independent, and when the report was released, quietly, in Dec. 2021, the conclusion was that there was no evidence that cell phones were related to brain tumors.


Immediately, independent experts pointed out the deficiencies in this long-awaited study, with the Phonegate team being one of the most vocal with a Press Release early in January (see the Jan.14 update: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-01-14-phonegate-takes-on-mobi-kids-report/).

The Phonegate team, headed by Dr. Marc Arazi, has continued to investigate the report and the people who conducted the study itself, finding many conflicts of interest, including people working for the telecom industry. Please share this information because the industry is sure to use the Mobi-kids report to convince people that this shows that cell phones and microwave radiation are safe. Twisted science and misleading statements are the only means they have because they have no evidence backing up their false assertions.

Mobi-kids: Orange at the heart of the study!

Our investigation into the Mobi-kids study shows how the Orange industrial group was active at the heart of the scientific process. Five employees of its subsidiary Orange Labs took part in the elaboration of the exposure measurement tools for children with brain tumors….

This team, paid by the cell phone company, was involved in what we consider to be one of the strategic cores of the study. They developed the software used to measure the exposure of children with brain tumors (XMobisense and XGridmaster)….

For Dr. Marc Arazi, president of the Phonegate Alert Association:

“We already know how in the past, in several other health scandals (tobacco, asbestos, etc…) industry has intervened to successfully distort science. The scientists of the Mobi-kids study are well aware of this. However, they did not hesitate to entrust an industrial company, in this case Orange, with privileged access to the very heart of the study. This is an ethical and moral fault!””


or   https://tinyurl.com/5n883wdr

2) From Salt Spring’s Local Trust Committee Meeting. The decision to approve Rogers’ application to erect a new cell tower is being challenged by residents of Salt Spring. It seems that it is becoming more common for ISED rules and policies to be ignored, and local guidelines, too. It is unreasonable that residents must fight to have their rights acknowledged, but this is happening more and more. I will share any response that is provided to me.


3) “Smart City” kiosks are strong Wi-Fi hot spots as well as means for gathering personal data. I wonder if there are signs telling people their personal data are being gathered and their wireless devices “connected” or is this all being done surreptitiously? Maybe I’m being paranoid but it seems as if industry is lulling people into becoming comfortable with this sort of invasive behavior. As with ZigBee chips in TVs and “smart” refrigerators that communicate with smeters, sending data into the IoT cloud…. many people are becoming immune to the fact that their privacy no longer exists.

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IKE’s Smart City Surveillance Kiosks Installed In Houston

“Marketed on the basis of being free and convenient, the IKE kiosks collect data on every person who comes near them, including id’ing your Bluetooth and WiFi devices. Cameras record your face and examine your choices and selections. Their payback is “surveillance capitalism” where you are subsumed into the Technocrat control grid….

According to IKE Smart City, the kiosks put innovative technology in commercial, pedestrian-oriented areas to offer advanced wayfinding capabilities through smart city technology. Each kiosk serves as a free wifi hotspot up to 75’ and is geo-located, displaying informational listings based on what’s in the immediate proximity to the kiosk.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meter

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”      Isaac Asimov


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