2022-02-04 5G interference implications long-lived

1) If it will take years to fix the 5G interference problems, how long would it take or is it even possible to fix the problems associated with cell phones, cell towers, smeters, etc?? How many lives will be harmed or put in jeopardy by the wireless industry’s use of technology without confirming it was safe; or worse, when they knew it was not safe.

U.S. airline group warns 5G interference issues could linger for years

“It will likely take “years” to permanently address airplane interference issues caused by the deployment of 5G wireless in the C-band, a group representing major U.S. passenger and cargo carriers will tell U.S. lawmakers on Thursday.

Nick Calio, who heads Airlines for America, will tell a House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee in written testimony that the 5G issues facing the aviation industry should have been avoided….

“The process that led to this operational nightmare should be held up as a cautionary tale of government communication and coordination gone awry,” his testimony, reviewed by Reuters and not yet made public, says.”


2) Dr. Tam refuses to explain how personal data belonging to cellphone users was gathered and sold. Is she protecting the telecom companies? We know that a significant goal of 5G and the Internet of Things is to gather data from wireless devices used in homes, cars, schools, etc. Apparently, it’s started already with non-5G cell phones.

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Tam refusing to testify before ethics committee

Blacklock’s Reporter says Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, is refusing to appear for questioning at the Commons ethics committee.

MPs had asked her to explain a data scoop that saw the Public Health Agency collect information on 33 million cellphone users….

“It is the way in which we have allowed private corporations in the telecom cartel to take information that ought to be private and sell it, in this case to the government,” said Green, adding: “I have a deep concern that the chief medical health officer has turned down our invitation to come before this committee.”


3) SpaceX has been allowed to launch thousands more satellites that are very low, very strong, and will use Google’s “cloud” infrastructure. Does this mean more invasive data gathering facilities?


Starlink’s Premium Satellite Broadband “goes faster for lots more money”

“SpaceX has been launching the satellites into orbit since 2018. A recent launch in January added another 49 to the mix, and the company has other launches planned throughout the year. The network currently comprises around 2,000 satellites. SpaceX eventually plans to have thousands more, potentially blanketing the planet in coverage.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted SpaceX permission to launch up to 12,000 satellites.

Starlink plans voice and Lifeline services, according to a petition it filed with the FCC in 2021. The company said it’s seen strong interest from underserved and remote indigenous communities, first responders, and schools. In May, the company announced plans  to use Google Cloud’s infrastructure to deliver services on the network edge.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Henry David Thoreau





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