2022-01-21 “Science for Sale”

1) Over the years many of us have pinned our hopes on environmentally and scientifically aware liberals coming to grips with the corporations that are endangering our health and the environment but, so far, we continue to be disappointed. And product defense companies, like Exponent and Gradient, continue to prosper by being hired for their ability to smoothly lie and twist science for companies like FortisBC.

EMF/RF/5G/IOUT David Grimes, “Science For Sale,” And How Democrats Continue To Fail On Wireless Science, Health, And Environment

“In February of 2016, the widely respected Center for Public Integrity published an in-depth series exploring mercenary science entitled Science for Sale. “Science and opinion have become increasingly conflated, in large part because of corporate influence. As we explain in “Science for Sale,” an investigative series by the Center for Public Integrity and co-published with Vice.com, industry-backed research has exploded — often with the aim of obscuring the truth — as government-funded science dwindles….

The momentum of scrutiny towards mercenary corrupted science has been corrupted by the telecommunications industry.

Natural Blaze has been one primary media resource for investigative journalism revealing the extent to which tobacco scientist Peter Valberg of Gradient served as a safety expert for smart meters.

The primary public researchers who were willing to discuss mercenary science have failed to extend the scope of their concern to confronting the corruption of EMF/RF/5G/IOT/IOUT science.

We are in a race to the bottom of the barrel regarding stewardship of the environment, as the wireless paradigm repeats the assaults inflicted by the wanton use of chemicals.

Only those communities, states, and nations that stop the lying have the opportunity to stop the politically charged, manufactured, perpetrator, victim, accuser, abuser dynamic.”


2) Governments seem to operate revolving doors, with politicians becoming lobbyists, going to work for corporations, and corporate people coming to work for government. It’s no wonder that departments like ISED and Health Canada are so easily and readily influenced to ignore science.

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Canada is sleepwalking into bed with Big Tech, as politicos float between firms and public office

“The Regulatory Capture Lab — a collaboration between FRIENDS (formerly Friends of Canadian Broadcasting) and the Centre for Digital Rights, with research from students in McMaster University’s Master of Public Policy in Digital Society Program — is shedding light on a carousel of unconstrained career moves between public policy teams at Big Tech firms and federal public offices.

Canadians should review this new resource and see for themselves the creeping links between the most powerful companies on earth and the institutions responsible for reining them in.”


3) Real-time health analysis that can be shared wirelessly with third parties by wearing a sweat sensor. Imagine how this data can be used to monitor individual activities, perhaps drinking, using drugs, not exercising, etc. A potential gold mine for various corporations.

What your sweat says about your health: SFU research

“While there is a growing range of low-cost wearable sensors that can collect and analyze sweat to assess a person’s health, Kim’s 3D printable model integrates mechanically flexible electro-chemical sensors and wireless communication functions.

Typically, sensors can be attached to the skin using a flexible material such as foam, fabric, flexible plastics or rubber and ideally, be powered by wireless chargers.”


Emerging wearable flexible sensors for sweat analysis

“Such sensors are promising to realize low-cost, real-time, in situ sweat measurements, and provide great opportunities for health status evaluation analysis based on personalized big data.”

https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s42242-021-00171-2 (with 136 references !!)

4) Two Zoom events available next Tuesday. Registration is required.

EVENT 1: TUESDAY January 25th, 11:30 am Eastern Time (ET) – LIVE.
Myth vs. Fact on 5G

“It’s difficult to separate myths and facts of 5G. Even scientists outside this highly technical professional field routinely misunderstand and confuse the physics with the biological impacts of wireless radiation exposure. What they say about the safety of wireless radiation is wrong. We have the science to prove it and clear it up for the layman.

Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, at 11:30 a.m. ET, 8:30 a.m. PT, as EHT founder Dr. Devra Davis and Physics Professor Paul Ben Ishai of Ariel University hold a live event to discuss the myths vs. facts on the science of wireless radiation.”


EVENT 2: C4ST Public/Community Meeting – All Welcome
TUESDAY January 25th, 7:30 pm Eastern Time (ET)
Electrosensitivity and Related Issues
Guest Speaker: Sheena Symington
Presentation followed by a Q & A



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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