2021-12-23 ART accuses FDA of deceiving the public

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1) Americans for Responsible Technology is calling on the FDA to at least tell the public about potential harm associated with microwave radiation. This doesn’t mean they are asking for the products to be banned or even changed, just to let people know that they have not been proven to be safe.

Non Profit Groups Petition HHS and FDA to Declare Imminent Hazard from Wireless Radiation

Petitioners Claim Inaction by FDA is Causing Confusion and Harm to the Public

“A group of non-profit organizations and private individuals led by the national coalition Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) today petitioned the Health and Human Services Department and its constituent agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to publicly issue a declaration of Imminent Hazard and clarify its position on the safety of human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, small cell antennas, wireless kiosks, tablets, computers and other wireless devices. The groups contend that the FDA is allowing and encouraging the misleading and false impression that it has engaged in a careful examination of the evidence, reached a science-based conclusion and developed standards for human exposure following government procedures. It has not.”


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Something very useful/interesting from this article is a link to a listing of recent studies, by category. Again, information to share in hopes of educating people but also refuting Health Canada’s, the Cancer Society’s, the WHO’s claims that there is no evidence of harm.


2) Are people being fooled re. 5G phones? A member sent this video in a few days ago.

“A phone technician from the Winnipeg, Manitoba area released this video (Dec.14) yesterday on a Telegram chat.”


3) Ongoing battle between telecoms’ profits and aviation safety. Same argument that relates to wireless radiation and health. Profit at any price — even our health and safety.

Aviation industry warns of looming flight disruptions in wake of 5G regulation

“The world’s biggest aviation rivals — plane makers Boeing and Airbus — are finding common ground over the industry’s 5G concerns. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and Airbus Americas CEO Jeffrey Knittel sent a letter this week urging the Biden Administration to delay the planned January 5 deployment of new 5G wireless service, fearing it could affect aviation safety….

The Federal Aviation Administration notified airlines they will not be allowed to use a piece of equipment, known as a radio altimeter, that helps pilots land in low visibility and bad weather starting January 5 at more than 40 of the nation’s busiest airports if the planned 5G activation continues as planned….

AT&T and Verizon oppose further delays in activating the technology. Carriers have spent $80 billion dollars acquiring the bandwidth for the new highspeed wireless service. The companies previously agreed to delay the roll out of 5G in November and have agreed to limit signal strength around airports. The trade association representing the wireless industry accused the aviation industry of “fearmongering.””




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