2021-11-17 Is our way of life sustainable?

1) Another thought-provoking article by Katie Singer in which she wrestles with the concept of sustainability.

Offering thanks for what sustains me

“Here’s another way to say all of this. We’ve become dependent on fossil-fuel-based electric grids, telecommunication infrastructure and international supply chains that keep invisible to most of us. We’ve noticed that these supply chains are crashing. They’re not sustainable.

Here’s another way to say this: modern life and the Earth’s finite resources are not compatible. As a recent group of scientists explains, “…today’s political economy has been designed to value short-term financial wealth over the real treasure of Earth’s functioning ecosystems, to discount the future at the expense of the present, and to demand infinite exponential growth…which is simply impossible on a finite planet. Given all this, humanity should view its present overshoot-prone trajectory with tremendous suspicion, humility, and concern.””


2) C4ST holds regular meetings to discuss issues relevant to all of us, and invites everyone to join. The next meeting is Nov. 24, 4:30 PT.

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3) Now that there are many 1,000s of satellites orbiting around the earth, they are vulnerable to attack. One type of attack is by means of an electromagnetic wave. Another is by being blown up, as the Russians demonstrated a couple of days ago. But what is going to protect us from EMP attacks from space?

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Japan to launch 2nd space defense unit to protect satellites from electromagnetic attack

“Japan will launch a second space defense unit at an airbase in the country’s west within the next 18 months to monitor electromagnetic wave threats to its satellites….

“As we expand our operations in new domains — the fields of outer space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum — it is extremely important to secure the stable use of outer space,” the defense minister said.”


4) A member found this website that shows where Telus is having service problems.




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”     Winston Churchill




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