2021-10-13 Wi-fi in schools

1) Many in the USA have suggested that 5G is a technology developed for the military. This article reports that the military will be involved in approving and setting standards for the 5G infrastructure. Given the interference with aviation caused by 5G, this could be a simple matter of ensuring that other systems and security are not compromised — or it could be something more.

Pentagon to establish new security standards for 5G technology

“The Department of Defense (DOD) is working to create its own set of security standards for 5G, according to the department’s principal director for the technology.

Speaking at a 5G security summit hosted by Billington Cybersecurity, Joe Evans said the DOD must understand all hardware and software used — including cell towers and receptors — and that it would have its own set of security standards for procuring 5G networks.”


2) Today’s webinar hosted by Americans for Responsible Technology concentrated on schools, the hazards posed by Wi-Fi, the vulnerability of children and the fiduciary responsibility of the administrators/school boards to protect the students and staff. One of those hosting is part of the Tech Safe Schools group which has a wonderful website with loads of great information that parents should know. The industry relies on parents, as well as those in charge, not being informed about the science, and depends on authorities not being concerned enough to do anything. This webinar was recorded and I will share it when it is available. If any parent is concerned about wifi and microwave radiation in schools, the Tech Safe School is willing to help put together packages to present and is a great resource should additional information be needed.

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Tech Safe Schools

It’s time to seriously reconsider the use of wireless technology in our schools.

Today’s school classrooms are filled with a multitude of wireless devices, all emitting a constant stream of radiofrequency (RF) radiation.”


3) Also today, in Massachusetts there was a hearing on Wi-Fi in schools. Cece Doucette provided information about it but not in time for me to share. But she is asking for support for a Bill presented arguing for safe schools.


If you have a story or information that would support this, please consider writing. My submission is below, and submissions are accepted until Friday.

Written Testimony Due Friday,
October 15, 5 p.m. Eastern

“As we learned with the successful lawsuit against the FCC for ignoring the science, it is critical to build out the public record with written statements. This empowers our legislators to act on the public’s behalf.

We call on the public, local public servants, scientists, doctors, technologists, engineers, parents and others to teach our legislators what the science indicates, the harm people and planet are suffering, and what you see as responsible technology solutions.

We are grateful Massachusetts recognizes technology is here to stay, and has formalized this new Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, the Internet and Cybersecurity to address technology boundaries.

Written testimonies are due this Friday, October 15, 5 p.m. Eastern.

1. Send via email to:

justin.curtis@masenate.gov; christopher.smith@mahouse.gov; MA4SafeTech@gmail.com

2. Subject: In Support of Rep. Dykema’s H. 115, Rep. Duffy’s H. 105-114



From: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
To: jointcmte-consumerprotection@malegislature.gov
Sent: October 13, 2021
Subject: Testimony for S. 186 and S. 187. Wi-Fi in schools

Dear Committee Members,

As already presented, there are hundreds of studies from independent experts showing that exposure to even low levels of EMF (wireless radiation) can cause biological effects, and children are especially vulnerable. Yet children are being exposed to strong, multiple sources of EMF every school day. Parents and teachers often have not been informed about the potential harm that can result, and seldom is any option provided such as having schools that are fully hard-wired. Instead Wi-Fi is promoted; parents are told that using “Wi-Fi” provides an education needed for the 21st century when, in fact, it is use of the computer that will prepare children for this new world. Neither are parents told that fiber optic cable often is readily available at the school and is vastly superior to Wi-Fi. It is faster, it carries more data, it is more secure, and it doesn’t emit wireless radiation.

School officials are responsible for the decision to use Wi-Fi instead of fiber optic cable. Often these same officials have been provided with scientific evidence from or by experts that shows the risk of harm that wireless devices can pose to children. In some cases they refuse to acknowledge the evidence; in others they have refused to allow experts to present evidence. At a minimum it would seem prudent for those in authority, after learning of the risk, to take precautionary measures and remove any device that could harm those in their charge until they confirm they are safe. But they don’t.

Officials, such as school trustees, usually are protected through insurance from legal action by those who are unhappy with decisions made or actions taken in the course of fulfilling their duties. This “directors’ insurance” prevents frivolous lawsuits so long as those insured are doing their duties and are “acting in good faith”. But a serious question needs to be asked: Are these officials “acting in good faith” if, after being provided with credible evidence that something they are allowing is dangerous, they continue to allow that to continue? If officials have been given expert, independent evidence that exposing children to wireless radiation for hours each school day could cause harm, are they “acting in good faith” if they continue to allow, even promote, Wi-Fi in schools? If children become sensitive to this radiation, suffering symptoms such as headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, nausea, or heart palpitations, or worse — such as cancer or neurological effects, would the officials be personally liable to legal action by parents? Might parents be able to sue officials for not being informed about the risk to which their children are being exposed? Might teachers be able to sue officials for the danger to which they are being exposed or for any physical effects that are suffered as a consequence?

Parents and teachers have the right to be informed about the potential hazards presented by wireless radiation. Parents, teachers and students deserve for education to be provided in a safe environment, safe in all regards. And school officials have the duty to ensure that this is occurring. I suspect that many of the officials believe that this is not an important issue and that they are protected from any ramifications both by the insurance and by the ignorance of the majority of parents regarding it.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”      Thomas Jefferson



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