2021-09-03 The battle against a cell tower in Qualicum Beach continues.

1) Another use of 5G — food delivery by robots. Another “benefit” of having RF-emitting device every block or so.

Bell 5G Network to Power ‘Tiny Mile’ Food Delivery Robots in Toronto

“Bell announced on Thursday it has teamed up with Canadian AI tech start-up Tiny Mile, to enable the latter to use its 5G network for food deliveries in downtown Toronto.

The autonomous robots are known collectively as “Geoffrey” (named after Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of AI), and use onboard cameras and GPS to navigate streets, with a 5G connection from Bell enabling HD video and real-time decisions for safety and other response times.”



2) First no insurance for RF-related health claims and now no insurance for collisions in space. Maybe this will cause some re-thinking of having so many satellites.

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Until Space Is Cleaned Up “insurers will continue to pull or limit writing policies on satellites for fear of collisions”

“A significant challenge faced by companies operating in space is the ability to find an insurance policy written on their assets in low Earth (LEO) orbit thanks to all the space junk. Over the past several several decades, the sheer number of active LEO satellites has skyrocketed – in no small part due to Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

At present, more than 8,000 satellites are orbiting the skies above us – of which approximately 42% are inactive. There are also millions of pieces of space junk that threaten active LEO satellites.

According to Reuters, the risk for a collision has risen dramatically in the last several years, causing insurers that offer satellite coverage to pull back on policy writing or entirely discontinue products.”


3) The deadline for registering as an intervenor re. the BCUC hearing to consider FortisBC’s application for “smart” gas meters is Sept 9. Please consider registering so you can voice your concerns. The meter FortisBC wants to use, the Sonix IQ, emits high levels of RF; according to someone in the USA, the signals are so strong that the gas company uses only 3 collectors for a town of 10,000. That is strong. The smeter has a lithium battery which seems extremely dangerous on a gas line.


You can register at:


4) Please see below information about the continuation of the battle opposing a Telus cell tower in Qualicum Beach. Carol Dowe has received a formal apology from the City Council for misconduct, after the Ombudsperson got involved. But that is not all.

QB does not have an Antenna Siting Policy so Telus is obligated to follow the ISED protocol, which is not very demanding. Telus failed to inform several people, within the stipulated distance, about the pending application. The Council was told about this failure and it still approved the application. On September 8, the people of QB finally will be able to present to the Council and will be able to have a medical doctor speak about the risks associated with RF. They are asking for support in this ongoing effort to prevent having a cell tower near homes, schools, daycare centres and senior citizens’ and nursing homes.

Please consider sending a short letter to the Council, with your concerns, by Sept. 8.  Many thanks on behalf of these dedicated, persistent folks in QB.



HELLO TEAM OPPOSING THE QB CELL TOWER!…pls drop me a quick response…carol

We need your help! The QB Council is finally! allowing us to come as a delegation with Dr. Faulkner on Wed. September 8, 2021 at 10:00am. Just google: Town of Qualicum Beach Council Sept. 8, 2021 and livestream. You can watch it later (will be recorded) if you wish, but we have 48 hours from that time to submit 300 words or less how you feel about this cell tower.

It would be very helpful if you could also write a quick letter right now to mayor and council how you feel about the cell tower, so they are flooded once again with personal letters, prior to this Council meeting Sept. 8, 2021 at 10:00am Doing both letters will show how serious we are.

bwiese@qualicumbeach.com, askipsey@qualicumbeach.com, twestbroek@qualicumbeach.com,

[PLEASE PLACE IN QB CORRESPONDENCE LOG] on the top of the letter.

Please read the 2 newspaper links to get caught up on latest events:

The article published by Second Opinion QB on August 31st, titled<<QB Deputy CAO Svensen cited for misconduct by BC Ombudsperson>>, is available at the following link:


PQB News also published an article on the Ombudsperson report today, September 3rd. We think it is useful to read as well, if only for people to understand the difference in how and what the two stories reported on the issue.


Thank you again for your support everyone! This battle is not over….I have more info. but it will be presented in the Zoom Council meeting. Please BCC me on your letters, it helps if we have a record going forward.

Warmest regards,
Carol and Fred Dowe for the
Concerned Citizens opposing the 12 storey, 145 foot cell tower at 2045 W. Island Highway, QB
in the middle of 5 Daycare, 2 elementary, many churches, vulnerable senior/elderly and nursing homes.
(personal ID information given with permission.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.” George Bernard Shaw


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