2021-08-07 FortisBC smeters, IoT network

1) FortisBC plans to collect data and send it via the IoT network using Sensus’s two-way communicating smeters. The application is before the BCUC and people can submit comments and register to intervene in the process by Sept. 9.

General information is at:


and the application is at:


Canada’s FortisBC Energy plans rollout of 1 million smart gas meters

“The energy provider to over 1 million gas customers in 135 Canadian communities will be partnering with technology company Sensus for the supply and deployment of an IoT network and smart gas meters in British Columbia.

Once the project secures regulatory approval, FortisBC Energy will install some 1 million Sonix IQ Ultrasonic smart gas meters for its residential customers and the FlexNet communication network to provide connectivity for the smart meters.”

Canada’s FortisBC Energy plans rollout of 1 million smart gas meters


2) Dr. Ronald Kostoff has a long and distinguished career working for corporations such as Bell and for the US government. In recent years, he has devoted his energy to warning about the effects of wireless technology. He provided the following monograph when I asked about RF/EMF in new cars. Appendix 8 (pp.1070-1085) provides information plus numerous references on this topic. The entire monograph is worth reading — a good Sunday afternoon read.

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“This monograph describes the largest unethical medical experiment in human history: the implementation and operation of non-ionizing non-visible EMF radiation (hereafter called wireless radiation) infrastructure for communications, surveillance, weaponry, and other applications. It is unethical because it violates the key ethical medical experiment requirement for “informed consent” by the overwhelming majority of the participants.


3) Non EMF. A major climate change report will start being released on Monday, Aug. 9. There is little doubt that it won’t be comforting. I wonder if it will address things like satellites that interfere with weather forecasting, or that wireless technology requires far more energy than wired does, energy that is largely provided by fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — the UN body that assesses the science of climate change — will begin releasing its sixth comprehensive report on Monday. The IPCC has been around since 1988 and releases reports every seven years or so on the state of the world’s climate. This report — the first of four — brings together 234 authors from 66 countries to review more than 14,000 peer-reviewed research articles on climate change.”




From: X
To: “Bill Blair” <Bill.Blair@parl.gc.ca>
Cc: “randall garrison” <randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca>
Sent: August 6, 2021
Subject: 911 service must remain secure

Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Safety and Public Preparedness,

It is my understanding, and by now I am certain you are aware, that both Telus and Shaw residential telephone providers in B.C. are informing their customers that they will be discontinuing copper line telephone service, replacing it with fiber optic service. Customers are given no choice in this matter even though it hides a very serious life threatening problem. Fiber optic service requires an uninterrupted source electricity to remain functional. The battery backup these telephone providers rely upon has only a two to four hours if fully charged. This may suffice for temporary outages but with today’s changing environment of climate change and subsequent outages we must be prepared for catastrophic outages. Just one single and clear example stands out in your ministry’s promotion of earthquake awareness throughout our province. When, not if, an earthquake takes out any major transmission line it will most definitely not be repaired in two to four hours, more likely two to four weeks.

Keeping in mind that the CRTC requires that telephone providers must maintain a reliable 911 service, a requirement that your ministry must certainly understand the necessity of, it is clearly a matter of safety and public preparedness to ensure that this service remains available to all citizens throughout any disaster that could interrupt power. Events such as forest fires, floods and earthquakes heighten the need for 911 services and also are the most likely events to seriously interrupt electric power for extended periods. Besides fiber optic phone service itself requiring electricity the 911 option suggested by both telephone companies, cell phones, also requires electricity both to recharge and some cell towers themselves are not independent of the grid.

We already have a dependable province wide infrastructure that ensures 911 access through catastrophic events, this is the existing copper line telephone service throughout our province. Even though one might suspect that the same events that could disrupt electric service could disrupt copper line telephone service, it is by far easier and quicker to repair a destroyed phone line than a destroyed high power line. Thankfully we already have in place all the trained personnel and equipment to maintain this critical infrastructure, it is this equipment and personnel that will be lost as well if the telephone companies no longer maintain their copper lines.

On behalf of all the province’s citizens who may not be aware of the ramifications of losing our copper line telephone service, I ask you as minister in charge of Safety and Public Preparedness to ensure this essential infrastructure supporting our much needed 911 service remain in place and maintained. I myself am a sixty-eight year old retiree and despite the tiredness of the old cliché, if not your job description, think of your children and grandchildren not of the economic/politics and let your conscience be your guide.

I look forward to your response and a reply to my email.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”           Thomas Huxley



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