2021-08-02 Satellites could interfere with each other

1) So many satellites are in low orbits that interference between and among them could result in loss of service. Insufficient regulations are to blame. Given much of what we’ve read about accidents and space junk, interference may be least of the worries.

UK worries Starlink and OneWeb may interfere with each other, plans new rules

“A UK government agency is worried that OneWeb, SpaceX’s Starlink, and similar low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite-broadband systems could block each others’ signals.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, proposed new rules today in a report that details its interference concerns. Ofcom also said it intends to amend satellite licenses already issued to SpaceX and OneWeb to require coordination of frequency use. Without new requirements, the risk of interference could prevent competition by shutting new players out of the market, Ofcom said….

Users could lose service when there’s interference to either the user terminal or gateway earth stations, but interference to a gateway station would affect many more users. “[T]he impact of interference on gateway links would be much greater than on individual user links as each gateway provides connectivity for many users (perhaps hundreds or thousands of users depending on the design of the system), so a loss of connection due to interference at the gateway will be experienced more widely across the network,” Ofcom wrote.””


2) Back in 2006, experts warned that the FCC was approving use of spectrum bands by telecoms that could cause problems with airplanes’ navigation, and did so without consulting the FAA. Back then, it was primarily cell phones and other wireless devices that passengers carried on to planes. Read this and consider 5G devices both inside and outside planes today. Experts are warning about interference with navigation, especially determining altitude, yet the industry is allowed to continue to implement its grid and sell its devices.

Unsafe At Any Airspeed?

“Ours is the first documented study of in-flight RF emissions by portable electronic devices and, we believe, the first such scientific measuring other than what has been done by individual airlines. And as far as we know, it is the first in-the-field examination ever into the critical question of emissions interference with the spectrum bands used for navigation. Yet despite the paucity of available data, regulators and the airlines seem poised to yield to public demands to allow the use of cellphones in flight and the use of other devices, such as PDAs, during critical phases of flight. We believe additional studies are needed to characterize potential risks, followed by regulations that ensure the safe use of radiating devices, and we conclude with a suggested five-point program for such studies. And we argue that in the meantime, the public needs to be more clearly informed about the risks of its current behavior….

Our data and the NASA studies suggest to us that there is a clear and present danger: cellphones can render GPS instrument useless for landings. Clearly, the cause of the problem is that the FCC issues RF emission standards for consumer electronics, conferring only minimally with the FAA and with no formal consideration of the implications of those standards for the aircraft environment. For its part, the FAA relies on the airlines to initiate safety plans and, like other government agencies, defers to the FCC on questions of electromagnetic radiation.”


3) A reminder for Green Party of Canada members: to please vote before the deadline (August 11, 2021), especially for proposals put forward by members:

Lori Curran — G21-P028 Advocate for a National Internet Access Strategy that Prioritizes Environmental and Human Health


Janis Hoffmann — G21-P059 Update Health Canada’s Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure!

Also, you can go to:  https://greensconnect.ca/processes  and sign up. This will allow you to make favourable comments in support of these important proposals. We need to encourage the Green Party to make these proposals part of their party platform.

If you are not a Green Party member, but wish to support these proposals, it costs only $10 to join.


4) Could Cybersickness be another name for EHS? Or could it indicate a sensitivity to EMF/RF that could develop into EHS? Hopefully, warnings such as this could result in people, especially children, spending less time on and with wireless devices.

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Researcher on Cybersickness from Screens: Headaches, Nausea, Blurred Vision, Dizziness, Disorientation, Difficulty Concentrating, etc.

“Do you ever feel like the light of your computer screen is burrowing into your eyes and making your head pulse? Or feel dizzy or nauseous after looking at your phone? While you might think these sensations are just eye strain or fatigue from looking at your screen for too long, they’re actually symptoms of a condition called cybersickness….

Cybersickness refers to a cluster of symptoms that occur in the absence of physical motion, similar to motion sickness. These symptoms fall into three categories: nausea, oculomotor issues and general disorientation. Oculomotor symptoms, like eye strain, fatigue and headaches, involve overworking the nerve that controls eye movement. Disorientation can manifest as dizziness and vertigo. And several cybersickness symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating and blurred vision, overlap categories. These issues can persist for hours and affect sleep quality.

People can experience symptoms of cybersickness through everyday devices like computers, phones and TV. For instance, Apple released a parallax effect on iPhone lock screens in 2013 that made the background image seem like it floated or shifted when a user moved their phone around, which many people found extremely uncomfortable. As it turns out, this was because it triggered cybersickness symptoms. Parallax scrolling on websites, where a background image remains static while foreground content moves as you scroll, can also elicit these symptoms.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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