2021-07-15 Cortes to be the first Connected Coast Community with FOC

1) The federal government has a major conflict of interest re. wireless. They know that this technology and the proliferation of the EMF in the environment will cause harm to all life, but they want the money. Hope they put it aside for increased healthcare costs.

Canadian spectrum auction for beachfront 5G airwaves has raised a record $8-billion, sources say

“An auction for highly prized 5G wireless airwaves has netted around $8-billion for the federal government, making it the highest-grossing spectrum auction in Canadian history, according to sources.

The auction, which was delayed by six months because of the pandemic and kicked off on June 15, is now in the assignment phase and is slated to end on July 23, according to the two industry sources with knowledge of the matter.

The mid-band airwaves, which are in the 3,500-megahertz range, are considered beachfront property for 5G services because they are able to carry larger volumes of data over long distances. The fifth generation of wireless technology promises much faster speeds, less lag time and an increase in the number of devices that can be connected, allowing it to power everything from smart manufacturing to driverless cars. Ottawa is auctioning off a total of 1,504 licences in 172 service areas.”


2) Cortes Island to be the first to Connected Coast community to have fiber optic cable to the home.

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BC – Connected Coast Fibre Optic Cable – https://web.archive.org/web/20180117232042/https://www.thenorthernview.com/local-news/subsea-internet-cable-to-link-up-haida-gwaii/

CityWest expands south for the first time in 111 years
Expansion will see the Khaloose First Nation with fibre-to-home services in Dec.

“As a partner in the Connected Coast project, we are excited that Cortes Island is the first community to have fibre in the ground,” David Leitch, CAO of Strathcona Regional District said. “We are another step closer to improved connectivity for rural and remote coastal communities. Cortes Island residents will soon be ready to plug into the Connected Coast infrastructure and realize the benefits of reliable high-speed internet.


Better internet on the way for Cortes Island residents

https://www.mycomoxvalleynow.com/79567/better-internet-on-the-way-for-cortes-island-residents/  &


3) In the US Midwest, a company is connecting homes to fiber optic cable to provide an advanced network with “fast symmetrical speeds, low latency, unmatched reliability and rock-solid security.” Wireless 5G cannot promise these things.

Midco targets 10 Gbps fiber to 300,000 homes

“Regional U.S. broadband provider Midco announced a $500 million fiber project, aiming to deliver 10 Gbps service to hundreds of thousands of locations in the Midwest….

Ben Dold, Midco’s SVP of Central Operations, told Fierce work will extend to other areas as well and “eventually nearly all homes we pass will be included in our fiber upgrades.” He added “next year we expect to be in the 30,000+ range for homes upgraded and expect the pacing to slowly ramp up over time to be completed by the end of the decade.”

Midco President and CEO Pat McAdaragh said in a statement it will “deploy a mix of next gen fiber technologies” to realize its goal. He added the advanced network will “provide fast symmetrical speeds, low latency, unmatched reliability and rock-solid security.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be.”      George Orwell





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