2021-07-09 Effects of RF on Flora and Fauna

1) An interview with Dr. Joel Moskowitz that hopefully will reach many people who are new to the topic. He does provide info about 5G and milliwaves that is not common knowledge.

Public Health Researcher: Smartphones Emit Harmful Radiation — Here’s How to Reduce Your Risk

“Joel Moskowitz, a researcher in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and director of Berkeley’s Center for Family and Community Health, explains why cellphones are harmful to health, and what people can do to reduce their risk.”


2) A very significant report on the effects of RF on animals, insects and plants as a result of its drastic increase in our environment. Unfortunately, the entire report is not available to the public. I am investigating if/how it can be obtained.

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Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, part 1. Rising ambient EMF levels in the environment

“Ambient levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have risen sharply in the last 80 years, creating a novel energetic exposure that previously did not exist….

Biological effects have been seen broadly across all taxa and frequencies at vanishingly low intensities comparable to today’s ambient exposures. Broad wildlife effects have been seen on orientation and migration, food finding, reproduction, mating, nest and den building, territorial maintenance and defense, and longevity and survivorship.”


3) Below in Letters is an Open Media email about what appears to be the BC government’s plan to weaken our privacy laws, allowing foreign governments and corporations access to our personal data. Please consider completing the survey which will be used to “inform steps to improve information access and privacy” . It will be open until 4pm PT July 15th.

Information Access and Privacy 2021 Survey – BC Government:



From: “OpenMedia COVID-19 Alert” <contact@openmedia.org>
Sent: Friday, July 9, 2021 11:51:46 AM
Subject: Data residency under threat in BC

As a BC resident, I was surprised to find out this week that the BC government had quietly launched an online survey that aims to gauge public opinion on changing our provincial public sector privacy laws. Even more shocking is what appears to be an attempt to use the pandemic as a tool to repeal BC’s data residency laws.

Data residency is a fancy way of saying that the personal information of BC residents isn’t allowed to leave Canada. This means that our sensitive data won’t be subject to the intrusion of foreign governments, or handled in countries with weak privacy laws. It also means greater investment in Canada’s information technology infrastructure. And all that means better privacy protections for all of us here in BC.

Last year at the start of the pandemic, the provincial government suspended the data residency requirements of our laws in order to make use of tools that stored our sensitive data elsewhere to deal with the emergency.1 The BC government is now exploring making this temporary measure a permanent fixture. This is a tactic straight from the toolbox of power-hungry and repressive regimes around the world: introducing temporary measures in response to an emergency, and then making them permanent.

The BC government needs to hear from more people like us, who understand the importance of privacy, and don’t want to see an important right like data residency erased. Tell them why data residency and other privacy protections matter to you right now!

In the nearly 20-years that BC has enjoyed our data residency law, we’ve seen some of the biggest companies in the world, like Microsoft and Amazon, invest in creating data centres right here in Canada. Without BC’s data residency law, these investments might not have happened, and all of our sensitive personal information would be subject to the intensive surveillance enabled through legislation like the Patriot Act in the United States, or potentially even worse treatment in other jurisdictions.

During the pandemic, the BC government issued an order to temporarily disable BC’s data residency law so that more government services that would traditionally be offered in person could be offered digitally. They’re now trying to leverage this into becoming a permanent thing, which would end all of the benefits offered to us through our right to data residency.

I would strongly encourage anyone interested in protecting this important and unique measure (we’re the only province in Canada to have a data residency law) to complete the online survey and voice their support for data residency and other strong privacy protections in BC.

Thanks for all you do,

Bryan at OpenMedia



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”       Marcus Aurelius



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