2021-06-22 German cell phone liability initiative

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Let’s talk about your right to a healthy environment

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Jun 23, 2021 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)


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3) A German news outlet reports that efforts are being directed toward a law holding the telecoms liable for harm done by their cell phone systems. What is an interesting section of this initiative is that the onus of proof would rest with the telecoms, having to prove their devices did NOT harm, rather than forcing the victim to prove it did.

The mobile phone liability initiative wants to hold 5G operators accountable
Licensees should be liable for damage caused by radiation from broadcasting systems.

The collection of signatures for the mobile phone liability initiative is entering its final spurt this week. The initiative stipulates that licensees are liable for damage caused by the operation of mobile radio transmission systems.

According to the initiators, “countless independent studies … have shown that cell phone radiation can damage people and animals and make them sick. Thanks to 5G technology, the intensity of the radio waves has now reached a level where we can no longer stand idly by.”


4) Patricia Burke (and others) wrote a terrific series of articles, for Father’s Day, honouring men who are or have been warriors in this battle against EMF. Because I try to keep the number of items in an update to a “readable” number, I didn’t include some of them. You can read any you might have missed at:

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https://www.naturalblaze.com/tag/fathers-day — Father’s Day Archive.


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