2021-06-07 American Heart Association – strong warning re. iPhone12

1) For all of you who are currently, or soon will be, fighting cell towers, here is a site with a lot of information that you might find useful. It includes scientific studies, info about property values, industry influence, cell towers in church spires and on buildings, schools banning cell towers, and provides info on communities that have taken action. A very useful resource.

Understanding EMFs: Cell towers


2) Our colleagues in Qualicum Beach, BC have been fighting against a Telus cell tower that is planned which would be close to homes and a couple of schools. Apparently, the Council has fast tracked Telus’s application, refusing to hear from experts while ignoring the evidence and complaints provided by many of the people in the area.

We are being asked to help raise the issue by writing to the local newspaper. Please take a few minutes, no matter where you live, to help our friends as well as educating the readers. Emails can be written to:

editor@pqbnews.com   and

mailto:editor@secondopinionqb.ca (Lois Sampson)

The issues are many and apply to everyone facing the proliferation of these radiation-emitting towers. Below in “Letters” I will list some of the ones people in Qualicum Beach have identified to Council. If you write and wish to share, please

bcc:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca

3) This is a follow-up to a warning published in January 2021 about the iPhone12 interfering with pacemakers. This study is saying that new technical devices for charging these phones are increasing the magnetic field causing even more concern about interference with important medical devices. What about our natural pacemakers and “cardiac devices”?

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Journal of American Heart Association: New Study Warns Apple iPhone12 Presents Significant Health Risk

“This week the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) published its findings from a new study into the potential health risks caused by MagSafe, the magnetic charging system Apple built into every iPhone 12 model. JAHA concluded that the iPhone 12 range “has the potential to inhibit lifesaving therapy.”...

The problem stems from Magsafe’s potential to cause electromagnetic interference with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs), which include pacemakers and defibrillators. JAHA said its tests found that CEIDs can be disrupted by a magnetic field of as little as 10 G [gauss] while “The magnetic field strength of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be greater than 50 G when in direct contact.”


Magnetic Interference on Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices From Apple iPhone MagSafe Technology

“Magnet wireless charging is being utilized increasingly in current generation smartphones. Apple’s MagSafe is a proprietary wireless charging technology with an array of magnets that has the capacity to generate magnet fieldstrength >50 gauss (G). We hypothesize that there is clinically significant magnet interference caused by Apple’s MagSafe technology on cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED).”

https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/JAHA.121.020818    The study



4) Invitations to 2 meetings this week:


You are invited to a C4ST Community Meeting via Zoom
Wednesday, 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT June 9, 2021
With Marg Friesen and Frank Clegg co-hosting

SPECIAL GUEST: Kate Kheel of Stop 5G International
Kate is very knowledgeable about 5G and SafeG. We’ll find out about 5G protests around the world -past and future – and why people are speaking out.



You are invited to our third 5G Winnipeg Awareness Meeting via Zoom.
Thursday, June 10th, 7:00 pm CT (Winnipeg Time) / 5:00 pm PT (BC Time)
See the invitation (with a link) is below my signature.
Included is how you can join by phone.



from: https://www.change.org/p/qualicum-beach-mayor-and-council-better-service-yes-near-schools-and-homes-no

Some reasons to oppose the Telus Tower in Qualicum Beach:

1. Reduction of property values. Estimates are that properties affected could realistically drop 20%. See:  https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-towers-lower-property-values-documentation-research/

2. Qualicum Beach prides itself on its beauty, which is a major reason for being a tourist destination. The Tower will be a significant blemish on its beauty, and create a very tragic impression. The tower will drive tourists away, causing serious financial impact on our community.

3. Cell facilities are known to catch fire. Do we have the capacity to fight a cell [tower] fire, especially if it spreads to nearby trees, including those at Milner Gardens?

4. We get high winds in this area. Nearby people, buildings, trees, etc. could severely injured/damaged, were the tower to fall on them.

5. Noise could be a factor. Excessive noise from cooling the ancillary equipment would disturb the quiet enjoyment of our neighbourhoods.

6. The Tower would create an access barrier, violating human rights. The increasing number of people with electromagnetic sensitivity would be barred from accessing public and private spaces (including the schools and churches). Many could be forced to move from their homes.

7. Emergency cell connection is available, no matter what server one has. For example, someone with a Telus phone, in Eaglecrest, etc. would be able to access other cell providers. In other words, those residents complaining about not being able to connect with “Emergency” on their Telus phones are misguided and ill-informed. They have no justified reason for demanding a Telus tower for emergencies.

8. Telus wants to blanket an enormous area with transmissions from their proposed tower. I have asked for technical information, but they have refused. A techie friend told me that a 147 foot tower could have a broadcast radius of 70 miles, meaning the coverage could be several thousand square miles. This is economically advantageous to Telus, but is not in the best interest of Qualicum Beach.

9. No insurance company (that I am aware of) will insure cell facilities against health effects. Because this tower would be on public property, the Town of Qualicum Beach could be held liable for damages. (There are several insurance companies, including Lloyd’s and Zurich, that will not cover damages from cell facilities.)

10. Mr. Gregg has not paid attention to information sent to him. He discounts it, without looking at it, as “misinformation.” Not only has he has provided false and misleading “information,” he refuses to provide up-to-date credible proof, and technical information.

11. There are safer and better options to cell towers.

12. Minimal plans for the future of the tower have been provided. Its capacity and function could be expanded to include even worse technology. It was suggested that the tower could be used by other carriers, thus exacerbating the issues described above.

13. The livelihoods of Qualicum Beach residents could be severely adversely affected by the tower. Consider the nearby farms, for example. Pollinators are adversely affected by tower emissions, and the lack of pollinators will be detrimental to plants.

14. Food security could be seriously challenged, without pollinators, etc.



From: Lavonne Garnett (name given with permission)
To: “Sonia Furstenau – BC Greens” <gifts@bcgreens.ca>
Sent: Friday, June 4, 2021 1:36:05 PM
Subject: Re: Nearly there!

Dear Sonia,

I am still waiting for a response from the Green Party to protect citizens from electromagnetic radiation. I know 2 people who right now are under threat to have their power turned off, if they do not give up their analogues and have Smart Meters on their homes. They are living in fear, knowing the impact EMR has had on them in the past, and not having finances to mitigate in any way.

Not only are Smart Meters detrimental to the health of many people, they can be deadly for those who are electro-hypersensitive. In our home, my husband had a stroke 7 days after BC Hydro reinstated our power, and a second stroke 7 days after that. I experienced cognitive and memory dysfunction. EMR can cause harm as can Covid-19, but one of these 2 issues gets all the attention and the other gets none.

Surely, this issue deserves focus and respect for the constitutional rights of citizens to feel safe and have the choice to protect themselves in BC and Canada. Or, must they decide to live without power, in order to stay alive? I truly find it difficult to know that people are being ignored and put in threat for their lives. Obviously, the Public Health Officer does not know anything about EMR or it would be an issue. Which brings us back to the need for Government to have Committees on this subject. When will the Green Party do anything about this, or are we witnessing failure of Governments to act on behalf of their citizens, while they cater to big business?

And, what will the Green Party do immediately for these two families under threat of having their power turned off? I know they have already contacted their MLAs and have received no help from them. Please let me know if I should have them contact you.

Lavonne Garnett


From: “Sonia Furstenau – BC Greens” <gifts@bcgreens.ca>
To: “Lavonne Garnett”
Sent: Friday, 4 June, 2021 11:06:31
Subject: Nearly there!

BC Green Party

Hi Lavonne —

I just wanted to send you one last reminder about today’s spring fundraising deadline.



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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