2021-05-21 BC Hydro working toward time of use billing

1) In the initial smeter project plan, one of the main objectives was to be able to bill by “time-of-use”, and this was one of the first features completed. This would mean that people who have limited flexibility in using electricity for heating, cooking, washing clothes, etc. would most likely pay higher rates than those who can do these things at “off hours”. Families with young children, people with disabilities or seniors — people who spend most time at home (after Covid) — would be penalized with higher rates.

If anyone in other provinces or countries has time-of-use billing, I would appreciate your comments. Please send to:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “time of use” on the subject line.

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& https://app.bchydro.com/accounts-billing/rates-energy-use/electricity-meters.html

A member received a recorded message about a town hall zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 26, at noon or 7pm with the following phone number to call for questions and, I think, for registration. 1-800-224-9376. This town hall has not been widely announced and may be just one in a series to make people feel they are being consulted, and to get used to the idea although on its webpage it says meetings will be held in April and May:

“Phase 1 (April to May 2021): Understanding your needs

In this first phase, we’re engaging with residential customers to collect feedback and input on how you use electricity and what’s important to you when it comes to the cost of electricity.”

Of course, like the initial smeter propaganda, “this change will be to everyone’s advantage.” I will try calling Tuesday and if I have more info to share, it will be in Tuesday’s update.

Here is BC Hydro’s general information. We must make sure that we know what is happening re. the application to BCUC to ensure our voices/concerns are heard.

Help shape your future electricity rates

What happens after Phase 3

In early 2022, we’ll submit an application to the BCUC and also post it here on our website to keep you informed. In the application, we’ll outline our proposed approach for how you’ll be charged for electricity use in the future.

The BCUC will review the application and determine next steps. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process so you know what the status is.

Any changes we make to your residential electricity rates will need to be approved by the BCUC.”





** https://energyregulationquarterly.ca/articles/time-of-use-rates-an-international-perspectives#sthash.ZefmV7nr.dpbs **

2) Some colleagues in Australia have shared this article written by an engineer and published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), about the political side of science. He speaks about ICNIRP, IARC, NTP and Ramazzini studies….

Science, Politics, and Groupthink [Health Matters]

“Biases can impair rational judgment and lead to poor decisions. Emotions can keep humans from being rational and prevent us from arriving at obvious conclusions. At times, humans systematically make choices and decisions that defy clear logic. Regrettably, the herd mentality or groupthink is as rampant today as ever.

Some years ago, I commented, “Science has become partisan. And the corollary, if science becomes partisan, is it science or politics, or would it be political science?” [8]. Perhaps, it is simply a matter of the willing being politically correct.”



3) A new article by Dr. Hardell and associates that repeats and documents the evidence that warrants stricter guidelines, the same evidence that is being ignored by ICNIRP, Health Canada, FCC and the industry. Many of the same “experts” hold positions in commissions and agencies that are fighting to maintain the status quo or, worse, to weaken the standards at the behest of the telecoms. A long read, but well worth it. Good for the long weekend. The question is: how can the power and money of these corporations, that control the exposure of this toxin, be tackled? People love their gadgets and seem willing to ignore science for the sake of convenience.

p.253/254 – https://www.fortunejournals.com/articles/aspects-on-the-international-commission-on-nonionizing-radiation-protection-icnirp-2020-guidelines-on-radiofrequency-radiation.pdf

Aspects on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 2020 Guidelines on Radiofrequency Radiation

“In this article we discuss how these organizations have evaluated the increasing evidence of harmful effects of RF radiation at levels below most national guidelines and limits for RF radiation exposure.The same individuals reappear in several of these organizations’ expert groups, see Table 1, and there are no representatives in these groups from the many scientists that disagree with their conclusions [24]. We discuss primarily cancer risks in Appendix B of the ICNIRP updated guidelines,…

Many persons in expert groups at the WHO, the EU commission and in Sweden are current or former members in ICNIRP, and other expert groups, with no representative from the scientific community with opinions as expressed in EMF Scientist Appeal or 5G Appeal.”

Click to access aspects-on-the-international-commission-on-nonionizing-radiation-protection-icnirp-2020-guidelines-on-radiofrequency-radiation.pdf



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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