2021-05-05 Lobbyist’s suggestions re. fighting 5G

1) Smart phones are a great convenience — that is part of the larger problem. People seem to love them, even surgeons find them useful and feel uncomfortable when they can’t look at their phones. But this summary highlights some of the problems identified, along with the benefits, in the larger report.

The Surgeon and the Smartphone — is the Association Really Smart?

“Nonetheless, rates of nosocomial infections have been raised and the increased use of a smartphone can compound this issue. Similarly, there is a greater potential for operator distraction, medical equipment interference and increased radiation exposure for the user. All the above create a new set of problems for the surgeon. We hereby attempt a review of the advantages and harmful effects from the usage of smartphones.”


From the full report: pg. 4/5 with a good bibliography on pg. 5.

“4. Radiation exposure Multiple studies have been done to ascertain the risk of radiation exposure associated with the use of mobile phones. One such study showed that the use of cell phones for more than 50 minutes a day could be associated with early dementia [28]. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) determined that Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) emitted by cell phones belongs to Group 2B (“possible”) human carcinogen [29]. Current knowledge shows that there is ample justification to warn the general public that having a cell phone in close proximity is harmful [30]. Thus, surgeons are no exception to the same re commendations and should try to minimize unnecessary use.”


2) Some excellent suggestions about how to address a local government re. 5G microcells, cell towers, etc. Even though the author is relating info re. recent California Bills, the information is presented in a way that could help us all.

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Advice from a People’s Lobbyist–Taking Action Against 5G

“Although the suggestions in this article are specifically about lobbying against bills currently up in California (SB 556, AB 537, AB 955, and SB 378 ), the same advice applies to lobbying legislators in any state.

Once you’ve made the decision to make your opposition to this legislation known, what is the most effective way to do that? My advice is based on my past experience as a lobbyist representing a statewide human rights organization, when on more than one occasion, a tiny group of us were able to win extraordinary victories against bills being strongly pushed by powerful corporate interests. I also worked as a legislative assistant to a city council person, giving me an inside look at the dynamics of local government, and was very involved in the 2017 campaign to defeat SB 649.”


3) More satellites being shot into low orbit around the world provided a show that is becoming more common, unfortunately. 60 alone were shot up on May 4 by SpaceX.


Lights spotted in Lower Mainland sky created by string of SpaceX satellite

“Some people who spotted a line of bright white lights in the sky over the Lower Mainland Tuesday night say they thought they were seeing a UFO.

But the reason behind the celestial sight was not quite as unknown as many might have thought — it was actually the result of a series of satellites launched from Florida by SpaceX….

“Those were Starlink satellites,” explained UBC associate professor of astronomy Aaron Boley, who says 60 of them were sent up on May 4.”


4) The use of microwave systems as a weapon is nothing new. This is an account of one person’s experience several years ago.


Havana syndrome: NSA officer’s case hints at microwave attacks since 90s

“An NSA statement declassified in 2014 for Beck’s work injury compensation case stated: “The National Security Agency confirms that there is intelligence information from 2012 associating the hostile country to which Mr Beck traveled in the late 1990’s, with a high powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate or kill an enemy, over time, and without leaving evidence.

“The 2012 intelligence information indicated that this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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