2021-03-31 Colorectal Cancer in young people related to cell phones?

1) Statistics from the Cancer Society show that rates of cancer have decreased but that is overall, with lung cancer reduction due to fewer people smoking — due to warnings of tobacco/cancer association. But in other cancers, young people are being hit hard. Often, the potential of the EMF/cancer association is not made or is ignored in media reporting.

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Colorectal Cancer and The Great Sperm Decline, Could It Be Related To Cell Phone Radiation?

“Those now in their 20s are the first generation to have grown up with phones, laptops, videogames and other microwave wireless radiating devices clutched close to their bodies, sometimes day and night. With the advent of wireless headsets and earpieces, more and more children and young adults keep transmitting smartphones inside their tight clothing for hours a day.

Colo-rectal cancer cells are exquisitely sensitive to RF and research has found that the effect of exposure to nonionizing mobile phone radiation can lead to impacts on treated colon tissues of rats similar to effects from ionizing 3Gy gamma radiation….

Imaging studies my colleagues at the University of Porto Alegre and I have produced clearly show that both the male and female reproductive systems and the rectum can receive quite high levels of microwave radiation whenever a cell phone is on and in the pocket or if a laptop is placed directly on the lap. Even when not being used for calls, smartphone antennas send an electronic “handshake” to the tower up to 900 times a minute, asking, “Where are you? Here I am.” Cell phones are transmitting all the time, whether you are talking on them or not.”


2) In the USA, an effort to stop telecoms from being able to put antennae/transmitters on homes and personal property has failed. This means that if a neighbour is willing to be paid to have a transmitter on his property, just feet from your home, there is nothing that can prevent it. Our homes will become even more polluted than they are already.

We must keep an eye on proposed Canadian legislation to make sure nothing like this happens here. Currently, the telecoms are indemnified by the federal government should someone be made ill by the emissions, but the property owner is on his own, without any insurance to cover him. But someone has to become ill first in order to sue.

In ‘Disheartening’ Ruling, Court Paves Way for Deployment of 5G Wireless Antennas on Private Property

“CHD Chairman RFK, Jr., said the recent court ruling allowing the installation of wireless antenna on private property sentences vulnerable adults and children to eviction, diminished property values and debilitating illness without legal recourse….

The OTARD rule amendment allows private property owners to place fixed-base station antennas on their property and, for the first time, to provide wireless data/voice services, including 5G to users on neighboring properties.”

In ‘Disheartening’ Ruling, Court Paves Way for Deployment of 5G Wireless Antennas on Private Property



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March 31 , 2021

The Right Honourable Patty Hajdu Minister of Health

cc: The Right Honourable Philippe Champagne Minister of Innov ation , Science & Industry

Dear Ms Hajdu, dear Mr. Champagne,

Yet another letter to implore you to take the health and safety of your fellow Canadians and the environment seriously. My previous letters were sent November 2020, the first one by email, the later one, dated Nov. 30th by Canada Post.

This time I also want to alert you to the Phonegate debacle. The majority of several hundred phones tested in Europe (same phones sold in North America), exceeded the European as well as your safety limits of 1.6 W/kg. Several years have passed, but to this day both departments refuse to take action on this issue. On the contrary: the allowable limit has suddenly gone up, and ISED declares that “phones are in full compliance if the RF levels are below the threshold of any adverse health effects to the end-users”, which is given as 100 W/kg. Ms. Hajdu, Mr. Champagne: This is 62.5 times the limits established by Health Canada, and a level at which thermal effects actually do occur.

Safety Code 6 guidelines were based on the research and technology as available in the 1990s. For goodness sake, how can this be declared as adequate for today’s use of smart phones, when most people carry them on their bodies all day, and teenagers sleep with them!

The Ministers and their departments appear to be oblivious to the fact that millions of Canadian lives are jeopardized by the decisions made at Health Canada and the Department of Innovation, Science and Industry. I am not even talking about the thousands of people who are already aware that the ever increasing radiation of wireless technology is responsible for their health issues. I am talking about the last, the present, and of course the future generation of young people who are bombarded by unnatural EMFs and RFs with such intensity and duration as never before. They are totally unaware of the side effects, because there is no widespread information – it is actually suppressed, and the misinformation in Safety Code 6 is blinding everybody.

How can you NOT insist on a much lower threshold for Safety Code 6? How can you NOT insist on informing the public about the safety concerns expressed by hundreds of scientists, as well as health and tech professionals? How can you base your guidelines on ICNIRP when it is well known that they are liaised with the industry, as recently publicly confirmed by chairman Rodney Croft: “… we, ICNIRP, don’t need research. ICNIRP provides guidelines that are vital for telecom industry. Anyone claiming there is no influence and interaction between these entities is naïve.”

How can you continue with 5G when there is no conclusive research that it is safe, and the world over scientists and professionals are asking for a moratorium?

5G is considered the largest experiment ever conducted on this planet – without our consent.

“The Precautionary Principle calls for preventive actions when an activity is believed to threaten human health or the environment, even if there is yet no scientifically established evidence.”

Ms. Hajdu and Mr. Champagne, please, take action. I would also appreciate a response that you personally received this letter.

Thank You


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”    Epictetus



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