2021-03-07 – No 5G Moratorium in Canada yet

1)  A few updates ago, I shared an email from Dr. Magda Havas about a new project she is undertaking and for which she needs volunteers [2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-03-02-dr-magda-havas-needs-volunteers/].  So far, she has 60 volunteers from several countries, with 24 in Canada (BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec).  She is very excited with the response but is hoping more will offer to help. She has extended the deadline in her initial email (which is below in Letters).  This won’t take much time but could really help in getting a baseline RF level pre-5G activation in most communities.

If you do not have the RF meter Magda will be requiring but would like to participate, email her and ask for the discount code which will be honoured by Safe Living Technologies Inc. (www.slt.co). I hope to receive my Pro Monday or Tuesday.  There will be a Zoom lesson on using it to ensure consistency in the monitoring.

2)  From 3 years ago and in the USA, but the same thing is happening here. Not long ago, a member discovered that her home had been made into a Telus Wi-Fi hotspot [1) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-10-10-canadas-obsolete-privacy-laws/].  She lives in the country near a hiking area and this hotspot was to serve these hikers, at no cost to Telus, with no permission from the owner. Fortunately, the member had an RF meter and found out what was causing her palpitations.

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Comcast sued for turning home Wi-Fi routers into public hotspots

“Comcast is trying to compete with major cell phone carriers by creating a public Xfinity WiFi Hotspot network in 19 of the country’s largest cities. The company is activating a second high-speed Internet channel broadcast from newer-model wireless gateway modems that residential customers lease from the company. It plans to spread to 8 million hotspots by the end of the year.

The secondary signal is supposed to be separate from the private Wi-Fi channel customers use, and it is intended for houseguests or Comcast subscribers who happen to be in range and using mobile devices.”


or   https://tinyurl.com/sejb2w58

3) Cities, states and countries have passed moratoriums and ordinances regarding 5G and the installation of microcells close to homes. Scroll down and you’ll see there is nothing from BC or Canada except for the Prudent Avoidance Policy which was written more than 10 years ago. In essence, it is an Antenna Siting Policy, which every community needs.




4)  The town in France signed a moratorium re. 5G and is now installing RF sensors so that people can see the level of RF exposure on a continuous basis as 5G is being introduced.

Union residents will be able to monitor 5G waves in real time

“The Union (Haute-Garonne), a municipality of 11,000 inhabitants located near Toulouse, has decided to set up a system for measuring 5G waves using sensors developed by a Toulouse company.

It is an initiative that aims to bring transparency to a subject that sows discord. At a time when mobile telephone operators are starting to deploy 5G on the territory, the inhabitants of The Union will soon be able to monitor in real time the waves that can be emitted by relay antennas. The municipality has decided to set up a measurement system using sensors installed at strategic points in the city.”




From: Safetecinschools <citizens4safetec@gmail.com>

Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 2:02 PM
Subject: #5 Dear BC Minister of Education, Why would you jeopardize our children’s health and well being by relying on old outdated information from Health Canada and Safety Code 6?
To: <educ.minister@gov.bc.ca>

Dear BC Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside,

–        Did you know Canada does not have any regulations in place to protect the public from the long-term exposure to the biological effects of the “non-thermal” levels of microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology?

–        Did you know that in 2013, James McNamee, scientist for Health Canada, admitted in the Superior Court of Quebec, that the Safety Code 6 guidelines for microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology is based ONLY on thermal effects, heating of the skin?

–        Did you know Safety Code 6 was first published in 1979 and was based on the premise that if microwave radiation did not heat, it would not harm living tissue?

–        Did you know the safety information for Safety Code 6 is based on a 200-pound (91 kg) mannequin with a cell phone testing only for temperature changes not for any of the biological effects such as DNA damage?

–        Did you know there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies by scientists and medical experts proving serious health risks from the prolonged and accumulative exposure to microwave radiation dating as far back as 1970?

–       Did you know that Health Canada have willfully dismissed 140 peer reviewed studies in 2015 presented to them from qualified experts, nationally and internationally, which emphasizes the need for “precautionary” measures to reduce exposure and risk from the harmful effects?

–        Did you known that Health Canada’s summary of studies consist of 19 studies ranging from 1983 before the World Health Organization declared RF as a 2B carcinogen, in 2011, to 2012, then jumping to 2016?

–        Did you know Health Canada had announced their support for a 2016 study by James McNamee, et al., done in 2012, where mice were exposed for 4 hours over 5 days and concluded no evidence of harm, claiming it was the most comprehensive study of its type ever done?

–        Did you know Health Canada was unable to provide parents with ONE peer reviewed study by a scientist or medical expert stating, “Exposure to microwave radiation is safe for children and the unborn?”

Our question is: Why would you jeopardize our children’s health and well being by relying on old outdated information from Health Canada and Safety Code 6 when there is a safer alternative to connect to the Internet?


Janis Hoffmann  (name given with permission)

Parents for Safe Schools





Letter #1  http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.com/2021/01/will-you-protect-our-children-from.html

Letter #2  http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.com/2021/01/2-dear-bc-minister-of-education-is_19.html

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Letter #4  http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.com/2021/02/4-dear-bc-minister-of-education-why-is.html



On Mar 1, 2021, at 10:09 PM, Magda Havas <drmagdahavas@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am interested in setting up a Global RF Monitoring Network, initially by using volunteers to collect data.  This is very much needed.  We need to know how the levels of RF differ by location and over time (both diurnal time and over day, months and years).  In order to do this as easily as possible with minimal work for all those who decide to participate we need to establish guidelines on how, when, where and with what to do the measurements.  These are all being discussed right now by a small group of people that includes the Building Biologists.

Project A:  U.S. Cities with and without 5G Technology

We have an initial research project in mind and that is to measure the levels of RFR (up to 8 GHz) in U.S. cities with and without 5G mmW technology currently operating.  We have a list of cities with operating 5G and we plan to match them based on population size and population density with cities that do not yet have 5G technology.  We are asking people who live in those cities and who have an RF meter (we plan to use the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter for this purpose as it is relatively accurate, not too expensive, and it provides average, peak and maximum values) to contact me for instructions on how we want to do the measurements.  Initially, we require measurements at the city centre along a main street at 5 intersections.  Time to do this properly would be in the order of 1-2 hours max.  The date to do these measurements will be set sometime at the end of March (if we get an immediate response) or in April or May if it takes us longer to get volunteers.  All information will be provided to those who want to participate.

For the time being, all I need to know is …

(1)  who on this distribution list has a Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter;

(2) city (state, country)  where do you live; and

(3)  would you be willing to volunteer your time to measuring RF in your city as prescribed.

Feel free to share this email with friends and colleagues who may want to volunteer.

Since we eventually want to go global with this, please provide your city no matter where it is on the planet.  Note:  it does not need to be in the U.S.   We have yet to make a list of the cities we want measured in the U.S. and in other countries.

Some of you have commented that RF values have increased in cities that now have 5G and this is one way we can begin to test that statement and many others as well.

Prior to my interest in electrosmog I did research on air pollution, mostly acid rain, and the effects on ecosystems.  In 1972, the UN held a conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm and based on that conference we began to monitor air quality to study atmospheric emissions, transport and deposition.  This conference was a turning point in environmental science because scientists could now access data that they did not need to collect themselves over a very broad area. Research on air pollution advanced rapidly once monitoring began.

We need to do something similar for electromagnetic pollution.  And while air pollution monitoring measures different things like particular matter, sulphur dioxide & nitrogen oxide emissions, ozone, PAHs, etc., we can initially just measure frequencies up to 8 GHz.  Ultimately it would be good to measure different frequencies etc. but that would require more sophisticated equipment, ideally continuous monitoring at specific locations and we would need considerable funding for such a project.  So the least expensive version is to rely on volunteers.  In addition to contributing to research this would also be good for education purposes and making the public aware of some of their exposures.

Real-time monitoring would be ideal and here is a map showing real time air quality index globally.  https://waqi.info

I’ve always been fascinated by community research projects, where a lot of people collect data at the same time for an instantaneous map of what is going on.  This was done for acid rain research in the U.S., for butterfly research in the UK, and for tree decline research in Canada.

I recall one “study” where students released helium balloons in the UK and asked anyone who found a balloon to report back to a central location where they then monitored how far these balloons travelled.  At the time long-range transport of air pollution was being discussed scientifically and people in Sweden and Norway were concerned that air pollution from the UK was affecting their lakes and forests.  The balloons were picked up in Sweden and the concept of long-distance transport was provided in a most unorthodox fashion.  Good for us to think outside the box every once in awhile.

So … if you have the RF meter we recommend and if you would like to participate and donate 1 to 2 hours of your time to this first project, please send me an email.  The only other information I need to know is city, state, and country where you live.  You may also indicate how much of your time you would be willing to donate?  For example, just this one project (1-2 hours); other projects as they arise and as your time permits.

Please respond by March 15th as we would like to move this forward as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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