2021-02-18 FortisBC’s smeter – Sonix IQ

1) The smeter shown in FortisBC’s announcement is the same as it announced a couple of years ago at information sessions — the Sonix IQ by Sensus. There is a lot to learn about this smeter and I hope to provide more so you will have some basic information in advance of the virtual information sessions being held on Tues. Feb. 23 (6:00 pm PT) and Wed. Feb. 24 (4:00 PM PT).

Register here: https://www.fortisbc.com/about-us/projects-planning/natural-gas-projects-planning/advanced-gas-meters

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Fortis BC announces Smart Gas Meters

Sonix IQ quick guide.

FORTIS BC announces Smart Gas Meters


2) Dr. Hardell shared a report showing how overlooking scientific evidence in the past (e.g. tobacco, asbestos) has resulted in unnecessary deaths while allowing corporations to profit, just as is happening now with EMF. When will IARC and WHO stop ignoring the warnings.

Lost opportunities for cancer prevention: historical evidence on early warnings with emphasis on radiofrequency radiation

“The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) at the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated in 1969 a program to evaluate human cancer risks of chemicals. It was later expanded to include chemical mixtures, radiation and viruses. So far, this program has resulted in 125 Monographs. Mostly, as the history shows, it has taken a long time between the first reports of increased cancer risk and cancer classification of the agent. Thereby preventive measures have not been taken in due time with high costs to society as a consequence in terms of increased numbers of cases with diseases leading to suffering and costs for treatment, loss of professional activity and eventually premature deaths.”

Click to access Lost-opportunities-for-cancer-prevention-historical-evidence-on-early-warnings-with-emphasis-on-RF-radiation-by-Lennart-Hardell-and-Michael-Carlberg-De-Gruyter-February-15-2021.pdf


3) A new documentary based on BC lawyer Joel Bakan’s book is available via HBO.

B.C.–made documentary The New Corporation concludes we’re all pretty much screwed
Filmmakers Joel Bakan and Jennifer Abbott deliver a follow-up documentary to 2003’s The Corporation

“They did tell us, 17 years ago, that entities dedicated to inflating their own profits at the expense of everything and anything else would inevitably roll over everything and everyone in their way; The Corporation, which Abbott and Mark Achbar directed using Bakan’s book of the same name as its base, concluded that if the modern corporation was put through a psychological assessment, it’d be diagnosed a psychopath.

And now, here we are in 2020 and the psychopaths have won. With a brisk efficiency, The New Corporation guides us through the ensuing years of economic collapses and global decay, as corporations continue to pursue their domination of both the physical and virtual world.”


4) Members are asking for support of this petition regarding North Cowichan cell towers. Please consider signing and sharing.

Postpone Approval of Three New Cell Towers in Cowichan Valley Until Adequate Review

“We the undersigned citizens of the Cowichan Valley request that the Municipality of North Cowichan meet again re the proposed Rogers towers asap and tell Rogers that this proposal must be postponed until a thorough discussion process has been done with concerned citizens.”

https://www.change.org/p/north-cowichan-council-postpone-approval-of-three-new-cell-towers-in-cowichan-valley-until-adequate-review   or   http://chng.it/MyxZm2xy

One of these towers was turned down 6 years ago. Why should it be approved now?



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“To me there has never been a higher source of earthly honor or distinction than that connected with advances in science.”  Isaac Newton



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