2021-02-08 Scientist found guilty of fraud re. DNA studies

1) Only one article tonight. Important with lots to read. A scientist who managed, for years, to lie about important research projects and prevent others from being funded, has been found guilty of fraud and has been outed.

German Court Moves To Silence Relentless Critic of RF DNA Studies

“Alexander Lerchl’s Unfounded Claims of Fabricated Data from Vienna Lab 13-Year Campaign of Disinformation

A German court of appeals has ordered Alexander Lerchl to stop smearing the authors of two papers which show that mobile phone radiation can break DNA and possibly cause cancer. For more than a decade, Lerchl, a professor of biology at Jacobs University in Bremen, has charged, without evidence, that the experimental data from Hugo Rüdiger’s lab at the Medical University of Vienna (MUV) were fabricated.”


In 2007, Prof. Franz Adlkofer reported on the results of the REFLEX study at the Open Academy in Gelsenkirchen. From left to right: Prof. Franz Adlkofer, Prof. Josef Lutz (TU Chemnitz), Prof. em. Rainer Frentzel-Beyme (University of Bremen). Photo: diagnose: funk

Here is the court decision, translated by Google.



Louis Slesin of Microwave News found that the professor who has been found guilty of spreading false and fraudulent information about a major study (REFLEX) for 15 yeas, has been highly paid by a principal sponsor of ICNIRP. Lerchl’s goal/job seems to have been to support ICNIRP even if that meant falsifying evidence, ignoring other evidence, ruining reputations and careers — doing anything else to support the industry that paid him so well for so long. Finally one “bent scientist” outed, but there are still many doing the same unethical job. A very interesting story with many embedded links well worth following. Ultimately, the science showed, many years ago, that exposure to EMR can cause DNA damage and other irreparable harm and ICNIRP, WHO, Health Canada and FCC refuse to acknowledge it.

Portrait of a Conspiracy

“For close to 15 years, Alexander Lerchl, a professor of biology at Germany’s Jacobs University, has spread disinfomation about research on cell phones and DNA breaks carried out at the Medical University of VIenna.

Now, a court of appeals in Bremen, Germany, has ordered him to stop or face a fine of $300,000 or six months in jail.

A year-long investigation byMicrowave Newshas found that, while spreading a seemingly never-ending stream of lies, Lerchl has received $5 million in research grants from the German Office of Radiation Protection, known as the BfS.

Lerchl became the best-funded RF lab researcher in Germany, in Europe and most likely in the world.
The BfS is also the principal sponsor of ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, which has long refused to acknowledge any link between RF radiation and cancer.”


Rich Rewards for Bad Behavior

“Alexander Lerchl Has Received $5 Million in Research Grants from German Government

Alexander Lerchl’s bogus campaign against the REFLEX project and members of Hugo Rüdiger’s lab did nothing to harm his career. Just the opposite, Lerchl thrived as he gained stature and a succession of rich research grants from the German government.

Over the last 20 years, Germany’s Federal Office of Radiation Protection —the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, or BfS for short— has given Lerchl $5 million in contracts. Lerchl has been the best-funded RF lab researcher in Germany, Europe, and, most likely, the world (see Table below).

“Invalidating the REFLEX study and showing that mobile phone radiation is harmless are in the interest of his patrons —the BfS and the mobile communication industry,”  Franz Adlkofer told Microwave News. “Both have embraced him.” Adlkofer ran the REFLEX project and supported Elisabeth Kratochvil’s lawsuit against Lerchl that led to his censure in a December court decision .”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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