2021-02-03 The co-opting of BBC’s “Green Planet” by 5Gers

1) A group of companies is promoting 5G by co-opting David Attenborough and the series “Green Planet” to show “how 5G networks will enhance our everyday lives and our understanding of the world around us.” How shameful. Stop 5G International has undertaken to explain to Sir Attenborough how 5G will harm the environment and the planet he has worked to save.

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Green Planet Augmented Reality App and 5G – What are the Environmental Costs?

An Open Letter to Sir David Attenborough.

“At age 94, after a lifetime dedicated to awakening humanity to the awe that surrounds us and alerting us to the devastating changes our planet is undergoing, Sir David Attenborough has been chosen to be the “poster child” for the BBC’s 5G enabled augmented reality app to accompany their new series, Green Planet….

In the hope of helping Sir David Attenborough understand the environmental devastation that will result from 5G, we were inspired to share with him some of the many ways that 5G will adversely impact the world he so passionately cares for. We have also chosen to share the letter in the hope that other people and organizations who care deeply about the earth can begin to unravel and see through 5G’s rather complex technology and powerful marketing campaign.”


Open letter to David Attenborough:

Green Planet Virtual Reality App and 5G – What are the Environmental Costs? An Open Letter to Sir David Attenborough.

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2) A report by Barrie Trower who, after retiring from working for the UK Government in microwave warfare, became devoted to trying to protect children from EMR. He has compiled studies and reports as evidence that human life is being put at risk during the most vulnerable periods, from the time of conception through childhood. He is warning that adding 5G to the current polluted environment could endanger all living things.

From zygote to foetus there is no hiding place from the electrically induced phase transition from 5G with its accompanying support and carrier waves

“With the hundreds of thousands of 5G satellites planned and expansion of 5G plus Wi-Fi terrestrial transmitters we are destroying the two things that this planet cannot survive, as we know it, without.

1. The huge canopies of forests, designed to capture radiation will absorb microwaves and weaken subjecting the trees to sickness.

2. The population density of newborns will not be sufficient to prevent extinction of many species. To simplify, as humans, without our babies and trees we will not be able to exist.”


Click to access From-zygote-to-foetus-there-is-no-hiding-place-from-the-electrically-induced-phase-transition-from-5G-with-its-accompanying-support-and-carrier-waves-by-Barrie-Trower-February-2021.pdf

3) A member sent me this article from The New Yorker in 2019 which should have been able to raise awareness among its readers, but apparently it didn’t because so few people seem concerned about 5G. I don’t have a subscription but read the article by scrolling down the text. A major concern is cybersecurity and the last US administration removed that requirement from the development of 5G networks making everything we own or do part of the data being harvested and sold. Worse, our health and safety will be put at risk.


The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network

“… new Internet of Things, where everything from toasters to dog collars to dialysis pumps to running shoes will be connected….

A totally connected world will also be especially susceptible to cyberattacks….

Adding more devices to the online universe is destined to create more opportunities for disruption. “5G is not just for refrigerators,” Spalding said. “It’s farm implements, it’s airplanes, it’s all kinds of different things that can actually kill people or that allow someone to reach into the network and direct those things to do what they want them to do. It’s a completely different threat that we’ve never experienced before.””



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”     A. A. Milne



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