2021-01-14 Details about precedent-setting Dutch court decision

1) In the Jan. 2 Update [2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-01-02-rf-radiation-smeters/], there was an article about this decision that resulted from a complaint from a woman suffering EHS. (Google translation of: https://www.msn.com/nl-nl/nieuws/binnenland/e2-80-99stralingszieken-e2-80-99-blij-uitspraak-van-rechter-over-5g-zendmast-doorbraak/ar-BB1cmvfD)

This was a precedent-setting case for this country, and perhaps some of the information shared below could help us.

Dutch court: possibly increased health risks transmission tower

“‘Health above mast’ is the headline of the Telegraaf on 31 December 2020 about the ruling of the Gelderland District Court that a transmission mast for mobile communication such as 4G and 5G cannot simply be placed without looking at objections about health risks. On the basis of advancing scientific insight, the Judge dismissed the 2009 expert report from the Administrative Law Advisory Foundation. Do we see a change of course in the judiciary here? Yes, say three professors of administrative law and environmental law.MSN published this summary of Jannes van Roermund s Telegraaf article. With thanks to Wilma de Jong who successfully brought this case.

The judgment of the Gelderland District Court (AWB 19/2184) – in conjunction with judgment AWB 19/2213 – on December 18, 2020 is of great importance because the court ruled that even (very broadly) increased health risks under the exposure guidelines are not excluded. The court also ruled that the health interests of local residents who are sensitive to radiation must be included in the weighing of interests. It is the first time in Dutch case law that the exposure limits are no longer leading due to advancing scientific insight. Earlier case law of the Department of the Council of State (Division) in which it always refers to an outdated expert report seems to have been discontinued. This statement offers opportunities for a new substantive discussion about the health effects of radiation.”

Nederlandse rechter: mogelijk verhoogde gezondheidsrisico’s zendmast


2) Shaw will be one more telecom installing, implementing and selling 5G wireless, along with Telus, Rogers and Bell. You’d think, being so far behind and with all the problems associated with 5G, that Shaw would try to differentiate itself by offering something better — fiber optic cable networks. I do not have a Globe and Mail subscription so I cannot provide more of the article.

Shaw’s First Quarter Results Fall Short of Forecasts Despite Record New Wireless Subscribers

“Jan.13, 2021 – (….Mr. McAleese also said Shaw will be launching fifth-generation wireless service in March. That puts it behind larger rivals Rogers Communications Inc., BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada and Telus Corp., who all launched early iterations of the new technology last year. However, it’s still early innings in the deployment of the technology, which promises faster speeds, less lag time and a vast increase in the number of connected devices. “I don’t think we’ve missed much of the party,” Mr. McAleese said….)”


3) In my update of Jan. 11 [3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-01-11-iphone-12-stops-implantable-defibrillator/], I mentioned that I had received many emails from people complaining of new symptoms, new awareness of increased EMR and I warned that this could be due to the many new microcells and towers being installed and new transmitters being placed on buildings, poles, churches, etc without our knowing. Several members reminded me that the many new low orbit satellites could also be source. This from a member in Ontario.

“Regarding people feeling increased EMR levels….we have it here too in Ontario…especially since Sept/Oct. Maybe linked to the low orbit satellites that got sent up at that time?? Lots of others have complained of constant headaches and ringing ears since then too.

I’ve felt it too horribly since then….it was as if it almost happened overnight. I only got my RF meter around that same time, so I don’t have a comparison from the summer when I didn’t feel the EMRs.”

I still suggest taking measurements at various times of the day, keeping track in a diary, and perhaps we can find a pattern that can be reported to ISED as part of a major complaint. If many of you are suffering health issues, then many others, who have no idea about the potential cause, will be seeking medical treatment — perhaps a campaign to medical doctors would get some attention.

4) Only a couple of weeks before the EMF Medical Conference starts. One of the presenters will be Dr. Cindy Russell, Executive Director of Physicians for Safe Technology. The topic of her presentation is “From Toxins to Towers: A Primer on the Science of Wireless Health Effects”. She has been very out-spoken about the dangers of EMR, 5G, Wi-Fi in her role as Chair of the Santa Clara Medical Association. This would be a good session for doctors to attend.

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Childhood Toxic Exposures: Wireless Radiation Now Added to the List

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