2020-12-02 Interview re US Phonegate

1) An amazing concept, to hold companies liable for human rights violations or environmental damage got passed by a slight popular support but failed regionally. This might be sending a message that companies, and hopefully those individuals responsible for making decisions, someday will face legal ramifications. We can hope.

Swiss vote to reject Responsible Business Initiative

“Swiss voters have rejected a proposal which would have made businesses liable for human rights or environmental violations they cause around the world….

The new law sought to allow victims of alleged human rights violations or environmental damage to sue Swiss companies in Swiss courts. The companies would have to prove they had taken all necessary measures to prevent any harm….

Business leaders may be heaving a sigh of relief for now – but the fact that this vote was so close with around half of all voters saying yes, is a clear sign to Switzerland’s multinationals that the days of avoiding scrutiny are well and truly over.”


2) Sam Roe and Dr. Marc Arazi discuss the US version of Phonegate. I am still waiting for a response from ISED re Canada Phonegate.

Phonegate by Marc Arazi: an interview with Sam Roe (sub ENG)

“Excerpts from an exchange between Dr Marc Arazi who raised the alarm on the Phonegate scandal and Sam Roe, American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, as part of an interview for the 66 minutes program on M6.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CssK-Gv_uY  (10:17 min.)  or


3) A member sent in this, advising that questions/concerns re. 5G/EMR must be written in. I bet many of us doubt that they really want to hear from us, but silence is acquiescence. These are all related to COVID-19 and most are self-serving but it doesn’t hurt to remind them that EMR does weaken our immune system and people should be told. I’ve shared my response. I might send another specific to 5G.

Welcome to the BC NDP’s End-of-Summer Survey 2020


“We are very concerned that wireless devices are being promoted without any consideration of health impacts or precautions that should be taken. People are using computers more now that they are working and going to school from home, but these should be wired for health, security and efficiency. Exposure to EMR exacerbates other health issues and compromises the immune system. EMR does NOT cause COVID but it certainly doesn’t help.”


From a colleague in California:

Marketplace on NPR said that Ajit Pai is leaving the FCC at the end of Trump’s term.

I wrote them this on their Message Window (and maybe some of you will want to comment as well, let’s encourage them to do their job!):

There is SO MUCH MORE you could say about the FCC than that Mr. Pai is leaving! You are missing a huge scoop. Marketplace, of all the media outlets, would be most able to survive the blowback of reporting on this. It would be equivalent to the New Yorker printing Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962.

The short version is that the FCC’s job is to sell America’s Electromagnetic Spectrum to the highest bidder. Protecting Americans from any associated hazards is off their radar. (Get it?)

What FCC commissioners don’t know about the health hazards of “low power” microwaves (in contrast to the higher power of a microwave oven) would fill many long shelves of books, or should I say a 16 gigabyte thumb drive.

Early on, Telecom (which has one of the best Revolving Doors with regulatory agencies EVER) convinced the FCC that cell phone microwaves don’t penetrate the skin. That myth has stuck as we went from a few car phones to nearly everyone over 12 in the country having a cell phone. AND we’ve moved from 2G to the higher microwave exposure of 4G, with 5G in the wings. AND we use these phones for hours compared to a few minutes a day 20 years ago.

The Environmental Health Trust (https://ehtrust.org/) will be at the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia suing the FCC on January 25. The oral arguments will be online. You should report on this. They are joined in their suit by various activist groups; one that’s gained a lot of respect is Children’s Health Defense, co-founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is labeled a raving conspiracy theorist by NPR, despite the lucidity of his presentations and his reputation as an effective environmental activist.

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The Palo Alto PTA issued these warnings: https://ptac.paloaltopta.org/wp-content/uploads/Safer-Use-of-Technology-for-Children-During-Distance-Learning.pdf

If we all followed that Silicon Valley PTA’s advice, every American, especially youngsters, would have only WIRED internet connections both at school/work and at home, and everyone’s cell phones would be on Airplane Mode except when used for a call.

Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re refuse to insure Telecom companies for product liability.



VW’s emission scandal was shocking, but this fraud is a hundred times worse. Are microwave hazards Too Big to Report? I’ll be listening, and I hope you’ll come through.

Lauren Ayers (name given with permission)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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