2020-11-29 Wi-Fi and 5G

1) According to this article, there are plans to have more than 100,000 satellites orbiting the earth, polluting the earth as well as the stratosphere that protects us, destroying ozone

GLOBAL WI-FI AND 5G — What is the environmental pricetag to the earth?

“Companies are launching unprecedented numbers of rockets to put global Wi-Fi and 5G satellites into the sky. 100,000+ satellites, plus drones and balloons, are planned.

Industry and government have done little research, claiming the “big sky” can absorb any problems. And the FCC exempts these satellite networks from environmental review.”


GLOBAL WI-FI AND 5G  (a paid advertisement in the San Francisco Chronicle on Nov. 22) 


2) AT&T plans to have 37 cell sites on city-owned poles near schools in a California town. A single, lone activist in this community, concerned with the health effects associated with EMR, has been begging the school district to bring this issue before the Board for public discussion and the School Board refuses. He now has filed a lawsuit. Concerned parents and grandparents in our group have tried to get school boards in BC to discuss the hazards of Wi-Fi, to inform the parents of children exposed for hours each school day, and to consider fiber optic cable as an option — to no avail.

Local activist files lawsuit against EG school district

“Local activist Mark Graham this month filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court against the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD). He seeks to force the school board to hold a hearing on the placement of 4G and 5G cell antennas near the district’s campuses….

“(The district’s) response basically has been ‘Forget it. Whatever you’re selling, we don’t want any,’” he said. “They’ve misinterpreted my request in order to justify denying it. I want them to put (the issue) on the agenda for a regular school board meeting – not just one little part of it, but the whole thing.””


3) A new study shows that indoor exposure levels in buildings near a cell tower were higher where the windows faced the tower and at the higher floors. RF travels through windows more easily than through walls that might have metal as part of the structure. This study attempted to find real-life situations of exposure over long periods of time in urban settings where cell transmitters are ubiquitous. In addition, personal wireless devices were monitored and measured.

Radiofrequency exposure of people living near mobile-phone base stations in France

“The very rapid development of communication technology experienced over the last two decades has resulted in the proliferation of mobile-phone base stations (MPBS), often visible at the top of buildings along many streets in urban areas. This phenomenon has likely given rise to new concerns among the urban population about the effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on health. Associations have thus been created in France to gather population complaints and discuss this topic with relevant authorities. As generally reported, involuntary exposure to base stations appears to be of higher concern than direct exposure to the voluntary use of mobile phones, which is not permanent, but much higher in terms of received energy….

A cross-sectional study was conducted in five large cities in France to investigate the relationship between exposure to RF-EMF from MPBSs and self-reported non-specific symptoms and sleep disorders….

Here, we summarize the comprehensive RF-EMF exposure data collected from the 354 participants in the epidemiological study. The objective was to: (i) assess total exposure to RF-EMF inside homes located near a MPBS and the contribution of base stations to total exposure; (ii) better identify housing features that may influence exposure to RF-EMF from MPBSs and; (iii) compare the estimated exposure from indoor spot measurements and that based on stationary devices and PEM measurements.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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