2020-11-11 Dutch panel with ICNIRP vice chair urges caution re. 5G

1) ARPANSA is Australia’s equivalent to Health Canada and, like Health Canada, accepts ICNIRP’s premise that heating is the only harmful effect, which means non-thermal radiation is not a problem. In their “review” of studies, ARPANSA, like Health Canada, cherry picks studies to support this premise and ignores studies that don’t. I shared this article before in 2017 when it was first available, but given our increased awareness that ICNIRP is corrupt and biased, and our efforts to confront Health Canada’s bias, I thought it worthwhile to share again.

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“The analysis by ORSAA has found that ARPANSA’s TRS-164 is a poor representation of the state of the science from within the specified review timeframe. TRS164 has inherited all the flaws identified by Dr Starkey in the rebuttal of the UK’s AGNIR report. Furthermore, it fails to objectively review all observable biological effect findings with respect to their potential implications for health. It appears that TRS-164 has simply recycled the same scientifically unsubstantiated claims made by AGNIR, SCENIHR and ICNIRP.


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Click to access Radio-Frequency-Exposure-Risk-Assessment-and-Communication-Critique-of-ARPANSA-TR-164-Report.-Do-we-have-a-problem-by-Victor-Leach-and-Steven-Weller-ORSAA-ARPS42-Conference-Paper-August-28-2017.pdf

2) Even though one of the members is the Vice Chair of ICNIRP, a Dutch panel has advised against employing milliwave frequency (26 GHz) until proven that there are no health effects. Amazing, too, that there is an acknowledgement that ICNIRP standards may not be adequate. The “new” ICNIRP guidelines, to which they refer, are basically the same old ones confirming the maximum power density of 1000 uW/cm2 for frequencies from 2.0 GHz to 300 GHz. There is no additional category or precautionary limit for the milliwave frequencies that will be used by 5G technology. Right now, many iPhones and Wi-Fi devices use frequencies in the 2.4-5GHz range.

Dutch Advisory Panel Calls for Caution on 5G
Don’t Use Millimeter Band Pending More Research

“An advisory panel to the Health Council of the Netherlands is recommending a “cautious approach” to 5G radiation exposures.

The committee is also advising that the 26 GHz frequency band (millimeter waves) not be used “for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.”

The new advisory report, 5G and Health, was originally released in September with an executive summary in English. Now a full 131-page translation is available (it features 807 references). There is also a 33-page overview.

The nine-member panel, all from Holland, was chaired by Professor Hans Kromhout, an epidemiologist at the University of Utrecht’s Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences. One of the two scientific secretaries is the Health Council’s Eric van Rongen, the current vice chair of ICNIRP and its chairman from 2016 until earlier this year.

While the committee endorses the recently revised ICNIRP guidelines, it notes that, “[I]t cannot be excluded that exposure under the latest ICNIRP standards also has the potential to affect health.”


3) There are thousands of studies that show RF, even at low levels, has the potential to cause harm. A member suggested that I share again a YouTube, done a couple of years ago by Warren Woodward, showing how exposure to a smeter affected his heart. Stay as far away as possible from your smeter, especially when sleeping. I am not technical but I believe this manual for the ITRON OpenWay Smeter (which is what BC Hydro and FortisBC use) has power of 1.03 Watts (at 240 volts), which is far stronger than the smeter used in this test. https://fccid.io/SK9AMI-1/User-Manual/USERS-MANUAL-712446 If I am wrong, I will let you know.

EKG Proof That “Smart” Meters Affect the Human Heart  (7:29 min.)


Here is another study that demonstrates that exposure to very low levels of RF can cause heart effects. Dr. Havas uses a DECT phone, a cordless phone that many have in their homes. The base is emitting RF signals 24/7 to every relay station in the home and is one of the least desirable (most dangerous) wireless devices you might have. Scroll down this site to the first video which is 6:49 min.

New Study: Radiation from Cordless Phone Base Station Affects the Heart



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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