2020-11-08 6G satellite in orbit

1) 5G is still in the works and we’re trying to figure out the biological effects of milliwaves — now here comes 6G which is supposed to be many times faster, using terahertz frequencies.

China sends ‘world’s first 6G’ test satellite into orbit

“China has successfully launched what has been described as “the world’s first 6G satellite” into space to test the technology.

It went into orbit along with 12 other satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in the Shanxi Province.

The telecoms industry is still several years away from agreeing on 6G’s specifications, so it is not yet certain the tech being trialled will make it into the final standard.”


2) Thanks to a member for sharing this article that will be read by a wide audience, hopefully alerting people about hazards associated with their favorite gadget. The new study to which they refer was in the Nov. 2 update.

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BOMBSHELL NEW Study: Cell phones threaten the brain, yet the “experts” continue to call it a conspiracy theory

“The telecommunications industry would love us to believe that the link between cell phones and cancer isn’t conclusive. But, science is certainly giving us a good reason to be very concerned.

Making it even more confusing for the general public: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plus other organizations are all quick to reassure the public that the use of cell phone devices isn’t harmful and not one of the many causes of cancer.

But, a recently updated meta-analysis adds to the growing pile of data that says otherwise.  In fact, many rational people suggest that policymakers should utilize the precautionary principle – when it comes to regulating wireless devices.”


3) The USSR was aware of the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation, even at low levels, and had done experiments on humans before the 1950s. For some reason, which remains unclear, they sent microwave signals at various frequencies into the US embassy in Moscow for more than 20 years. Employees suffered symptoms similar to those experienced in embassies in Cuba recently and which, in many ways, are similar to EHS. This is a very interesting read. I need to check on certain statements comparing the strength of signals in the embassy with those from Wi-Fi routers, etc. Once I get these comparisons confirmed or denied, I will let you know.

The “Moscow signal” epidemiological study, 40 years on

“Between 1953 and 1979, the USSR irradiated the US embassy in Moscow with microwaves. This episode, a classic Cold War affair, has acquired enormous importance in the discussions on the effect of non-ionizing radiation on people’s health. Both those who claim that the negative biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have been proven beyond doubt, as well as those who refuse to accept the existing scientific evidence, take this episode as proof of their arguments….

It is essential to understand the historical context in which this episode occurred. On the one hand, the Soviets had considerable experience in researching the biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, while the Americans had experimented with microwaves as a weapon of mind control. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that with this background, the matter was considered to be so significant.

That the USSR had extensively investigated the effects of this type of radiation on humans was backed up by a declassified report by Adams and Williams (20), written for the US Navy.

As indicated by the Associated Press (21), referring to this report, Soviet scientists were absolutely convinced of the biological effects of microwaves at low intensities, that radiation could be used as a weapon to disorient and affect the behavior of military and diplomatic personnel, and that it could also be used in interrogations. The report also indicated that radiation could cause heart attacks and affect the blood-brain barrier. As a result, a person could develop severe neuropathological symptoms and even die from the resulting neurological disorders. In addition, Adams and Williams pointed out that reports had emerged from communist countries claiming that women who worked in industrial environments may have suffered miscarriages due to exposure to microwaves.”



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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