2020-10-07 Devra Davis responds to FCC’s lies in legal response

1) Dr. Devra Davis responds to the FCC’s response to the legal filing that charges that the current guidelines are inadequate. 87 page response by FCC says there is no evidence of harm from non-ionizing radiation below the levels allowed by FCC, which are basically the same as ICNIRP, which are unchanged since 1996. Scientific evidence is totally ignored.

Dr. Davis is asking for donations to support the ongoing lawsuit. Please consider donating if you can — even a few dollars would help. If this lawsuit is won, we all will benefit greatly.


FCC Lawsuit Update: The FCC Fails to Protect the Public


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2TlWBbjTV0&feature=emb_title   (54 min.)

2) Doctors have used EMR for help with medical treatment for quite some time. For example: EMR has been used to open the blood brain barrier so that drugs can more easily reach tumors in the brain. Now it has been discovered that EMR can reduce insulin levels in diabetics. This type of research makes it very difficult for Health Canada to deny that exposure to EMR has biological effects — some good and many bad.

“Remote control” for diabetes tackles blood sugar with electromagnetism

“…is a research group at the University of Iowa that has built what is described as a “remote control” for diabetes management that uses electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to reduce blood sugar levels and improve the body’s response to insulin….

To investigate the matter further, the team turned to previous research on the biological effects of EMFs, which come from all kinds of sources, including telecommunications infrastructure, mobile devices and the Earth itself.

“This literature pointed to a quantum biological phenomenon whereby EMFs may interact with specific molecules,” says Carter. “There are molecules in our bodies that are thought to act like tiny magnetic antenna, enabling a biological response to EMFs. Some of these molecules are oxidants, which are studied in redox biology, an area of research that deals with the behavior of electrons and reactive molecules that govern cellular metabolism.””


3) This looks like a significant article, but it is not accessible except to subscribers. If anyone can share this article, I would appreciate it. Please send to:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “Rogers and Shaw” on the subject line.

Rogers and Shaw say B.C. government should cover costs when wires need relocating



This is also being circulated by The Wire Report:


4) A company that went bankrupt in the US might well be financed by the UK governmentOneWeb has applied to launch 48,000 “low-Earth orbit satellites”.

Court clears sale of OneWeb to UK government

OneWeb will soon be back in business, after a US Bankruptcy Court gave the go-ahead for its billion-dollar rescue by the UK government and Bharti Global.

His company has a lot of satellites still to launch. OneWeb in May revealed that it has applied to the FCC for permission to deploy a total of 48,000 of them, significantly more than the 648 it initially wanted to float up there. So far, it has launched 74…

When it announced the transaction in July, Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) said it is in line with the government’s ambition to “be a pioneer in the research, development, manufacturing and exploitation of novel satellite technologies through the ownership of a fleet of low-Earth orbit satellites.””



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e-2729 Accommodate environmental sensitivities  (closes October 19, 2020)

From: Lavonne Garnett (name given with permission)
To: “paul manly c1” <paul.manly.c1@parl.gc.ca>, “Sonia Furstenau” <soniafurstenau@gmail.com>, “tricia datene” <tricia.datene@leg.bc.ca>, “doug routley” <douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca>, “adrian dix mla” <adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Cc: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
Sent: Monday, October 5, 2020 11:21:29 AM
Subject: Re: Update 2020-10-04 Police using data from “smart” devices


It is heartening in a sense that you have made this effort for a petition, regarding environmental sensitivities, but I don’t see how it would help people who are electro-hyper-sensitive. I am very sensitive to chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (emr). If I received an “official” environmental sensitivities designation, I still would not be able to take public transportation (taxis, trains, planes, buses, ferries, and long distance travel in a car), nor would I be able to go in public places for long, as there is Wi-Fi everywhere, along with electromagnetic emanations from appliances and such. My life is considerably restricted now.

With these sensitivities, I have access to our medical system, but our medical system does not recognize or understand the effects that emr has on biology. I don’t see how having a disability designation for these effects on documents will make a difference in my life. Doctors offices and the hospitals are full of Wi-Fi. Fortunately, I am accommodated when I go for dental hygiene, but nowhere else.

Ensuring all indoor public spaces are scent and fragrance-free, while welcome, does not address the emr.

I think that what really needs to happen in Canada is to have Health Canada Safety Code 6 updated to recognize that non-ionizing or non-thermal radiation, does affect our biology. BC Hydro, the medical profession, politicians keep saying that Health Canada Safety Code 6 warrants that Smart Meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, appliances all emanate radiation within safe ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Almost all the frequencies in man-made devices, excluding low frequency therapeutic devices, are unnatural and interfere with our biology. We are electric beings as evidenced with EEGs, ECGs, and activity at the cellular level throughout our bodies.

There is a great need for all decision makers to be educated. There needs to be a task force or such to investigate and learn what the emr science tells us. Moreover, it is the responsibility of our governments to inform citizens how best to protect and mitigate exposure to emr, such as hard-wiring of computers, discarding cordless phones, minimal use of cell phones, using airplane mode, and turning Wi-Fi off at night at the very least. Until this is done, we are going to experience and witness more health problems, disease, birth defects and infertility.

I would sign a petition that addresses these broader issues and includes a request for a Health Canada Safety Code update that recognizes the research on health effects of emr. I find the petition below is incomplete and needs to be revised.

Lavonne Garnett


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”   Winston Churchill


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation