2020-09-23 Negative effect of EMR on insects

1) Come Rain or Shine the International Stop 5G Day events will be held in BC. Bring your signs and rain gear and join us in:

Victoria https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/5g-protest-victoria-bc-september-26-2020/

Qualicum Beach https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/5g-protest-day-tower-protest-qualicum-beach-bc-september-26-2020/

Full details of all Canadian events are available at:               http://stopsmartmetersbc.com/

2) More information about the virtual EMF Medical Conference that will be held in January, 2021.

“Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness”


3) Many studies have shown that exposure to EMR negatively affects all living things, including insects. With all of the other pressures, even the possibility of a weakened immune system due to exposure will make it more difficult for them to cope.

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Mobile phone radiation may be killing insects: German study

“On top of pesticides and habitat loss, increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation is “probably having a negative impact on the insect world”, according to the study presented in Stuttgart, which is yet to be peer reviewed.

The analysis of 190 scientific studies was carried out by Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) together with two NGOs, one from Germany and one from Luxembourg.

Of the 83 studies deemed scientifically relevant, 72 showed that radiation had a negative effect on bees, wasps and flies.”


4) In the USA, the FDA is introducing a digital health center that, on the surface, sounds wonderful and edgy. But as the person who sent this to me said, looking at the links in this article reveals “multiple catastrophic principles, concepts, intentions, and details”. I’ve provided only a couple of links, but these alone are disturbing. Having information shared wirelessly, through worn devices (and maybe even ingested ones)…. How are those sensitive to EMR supposed to be treated?

FDA Launches the Digital Health Center of Excellence

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it is launching the Digital Health Center of Excellence within the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The launch of the Digital Health Center of Excellence is an important step in furthering the agency’s overarching dedication to the advancement of digital health technology, including mobile health devices, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), wearables when used as a medical device, and technologies used to study medical products.”


Wireless Medical Devices

“Radio frequency (RF) wireless medical devices perform at least one function that utilizes wireless RF communication such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular/mobile phone to support health care delivery. Examples of functions that can utilize wireless technology include controlling and programming a medical device, monitoring patients remotely, or transferring patient data from the medical device to another platform such as a cell phone. As RF wireless technology continues to evolve, this technology will increasingly be incorporated into the design of medical devices.”


What Is Digital Health?

Many medical devices now have the ability to connect to and communicate with other devices or systems. Devices that are already FDA approved, authorized, or cleared are being updated to add digital features. New types of devices that already have these capabilities are being explored.

Many stakeholders are involved in digital health activities, including patients, health care practitioners, researchers, traditional medical device industry firms, and firms new to the FDA regulatory requirements, such as mobile application developers.



Dear Mayor Blackwell and Councillors of Clearwater,

An excerpt from someone urging municipalities to stand up to the telecom industry:

“I’d like to invite all of you to watch this short news report which is corroborated by award-winning journalists, scientists, lawyers and Harvard Press. After watching this report, you might question the integrity and credibility of the telecom industry.

How the Wireless Industry Convinced the Public Cellphones Are Safe & Cherry-Picked the Research on Risks


Another video follows, with the title:
How Big Wireless “War-Gamed the Science” on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones


Far fetched? I only wish! This shocking corruption is well documented and is readily available for scrutiny.

Even The US Trial Lawyer – Journal, reported on the corruption of the telecom industry, in a lengthy article.

In this news report you learn of the massive lobby efforts of industry, and how the telecom industry gained unprecedented influence and powers in Washington which ultimately influences Ottawa.

The term “war-gaming science” was coined by top executives from Motorola, in a leaked memo.”

I hope that you and the Councillors continue to be vigilant with regards to the installation of fibre optic cable . . .which is a great idea if it is to go into the home . . .and not just a prerequisite for 5G.

I’m still paying $20 extra a month for ‘signal off’ on my imposed smart meter; though I am (thankfully) outside cell tower range, I pay the extortion fee against the possibility that microcells might be installed, allowing ZigBee chips (which are in almost everything manufactured nowadays) to allow two-way communication between electrical household items and the smart meters, which then allows the data to be sold. (“Surveillance Capitalism” by Zoboff; an interesting read!)

Thank you for your continued vigilance.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Men have become the tools of their tools.”    Henry David Thoreau


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