2020-09-15 Are pilots disoriented by RF?

1) If recent research shows that human brains, like those of animals, can sense and react to even weak RF signals, does this not confirm that these are biologically dangerous technologies? What more is needed to demand that the public be informed and warned about the dangers associated with wireless devices? Many planes are filled with wireless devices (e.g. Wi-Fi for the convenience of customers) and EMR weaponry which is being tested and used in war games over the Olympic Peninsula, with no doubt, air time over BC.

Does Cockpit RF Disorient Pilots?

“Spatial disorientation among U.S. Air Force pilots has been linked to 72 severe accidents between 1993 and 2013, resulting in 101 deaths and the loss of 65 aircraft. Now ,DARPA the defense department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, wants to know whether RF radiation in the cockpit of combat aircraft may be at least partly to blame.

Under the new initiative, with the acronym ICEMAN, DARPA is seeking a contractor to measure the electromagnetic fields inside cockpits, especially signals between 9 kHz and 1 GHz and then determine whether they might affect the performance of pilots. ICEMAN is short for Impact of Cockpit Electro-Magnetics on Aircrew Neurology….

““Recent DARPA-funded research has demonstrated that human brains sense magnetic fields, like those used by animals for navigation, and that this process is ‘jammed’ (i.e., disrupted) by radio waves (RF), impacting brainwaves and behavior. Furthermore, recent findings were the first to show that even weak RF fields and ‘earth strength’ magnetic fields have measurable, reproducible effects on human brainwaves and unconscious behavior in a controlled environment.””


2) Frank Clegg is being interviewed on Counterpoint tomorrow evening, will be the only guest for 30 min. because CTWA didn’t want to participate.

The episode will air Wednesday Sept. 16h at 8:30pm. The network airs on all of Bell’s platforms and at the channels listed below.

Bell Satellite channel 506
Bell Fibe channel 1514
Bell Alt TV Virgin Mobile TV channel 514
Bell Aliant Fibe channels 232, 466
Bell MTS Fibe channel 1143

Also, the programs are available online, after they’ve aired, at:


3) A simple, effective way to get word out on the next Stop 5G Day, Sept. 26 [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/global-5g-protest-day-on-september-26-2020/]. Hanging a banner or poster on cars, in windows, on mail boxes, etc. or go the extra step and hang one on an overpass, on posters for people to hold along roadways. We must get word out using methods like this because there is no other way.

This website has a lot of good and useful info to help us in our battle against 5G.

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Banner for a Viable Planet: Stop 5G

“Here is an easy and upbeat action we can all take on the occasion of the September 26th Global 5G Protest Day and beyond. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to place a banner/flag in a window, balcony, on a car, bicycle, wherever, so we can create a visible presence around the world showing care for our planet and a call to Stop 5G. The text on the banner reads, “For a viable planet, Stop 5G.” There are four versions of the banner: French, English, German, and Italian.”


4) I know this will be old news to many but we have a lot of new members and for others this reminder can’t hurt. BLUE LIGHT from computers, cell/smart phones, LED lighting, etc. reduces melatonin production which is likely to result in poor sleep. A good recuperative sleep can help repair much of the damage our bodies and brains suffer during the day, and melatonin is necessary for this good sound sleep. Also, melatonin is an anti-oxidant and this study reports that serious health effects can be linked to blue light. There is a free program that will remove the blue light automatically on your computer screen, and you control the timing. I say that I live in Halifax so that my screen turns pinkish in late afternoon and stays that way until I turn it off at night. The programs are:

f.lux – https://justgetflux.com/

Night Shift (for Mac) – https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT207513


“Smartphones emit several types of electromagnetic fields that can harm our health. In addition to harmful radio-frequency radiation, they also emit blue light. While humans have always been exposed to natural blue light frequencies in nature, our use of smartphones and screens has resulted in unprecedented exponentially increased exposures at all hours of the day and night…

A 2020 study on colorectal cancer and blue light at night with over 2000 subjects found outdoor blue light at night is linked to colon cancer.”




From: Linda Miller (name given with permission)

To: City of Esquimalt Mayor and Councillors

Date: September 11, 2020

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I am writing to you regarding the need for communities to have input into the cellular networks located within their borders. According to the September 1 article in the Financial Post [https://financialpost.com/telecom/rogers-says-5g-network-will-expand-to-more-than-60-cities-and-towns-by-year-end], Rogers says it projects that the network will cover more than 60 cities and towns, including the Victoria area, by year-end. Based upon my research, I would suggest that Esquimalt Council consider the following to protect both the City and its residents:

1. Has Esquimalt asked for indemnification by the wireless carriers as well as high dollar amounts of insurance per instance and in the aggregate? Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re have long refused to indemnify for RF radiation harms. These leading insurance companies are concerned about the eventual litigation that will come when the law has been adjusted to favour people, rather than telecom companies. I think it would be appropriate for Esquimalt to raise questions about the adequacy of the telecom industry’s self-insurance.

2. The placement of a cell tower in front of a home immediately decreases the value of that property. A family’s largest investment can be ruined at the whim of a cell company that is quick to install their systems before moving on to the next community.

3. The 5G rollout enables the harvesting of data from our homes, schools, workplaces and cars via the Internet of Things (IoT). The risks to cybersecurity increases as more wireless devices and appliances connect through the IoT.

4. Energy use will skyrocket with 5G. Base stations are said to use 3.5 times more energy now, and as more wireless devices connect via 5G to the IoT, 5G could consume up to 1,000 times as much energy — a major environmental problem.

5. Negative impacts of 5G on bees, trees and birds are being ignored in the rush to a wireless world.

Considering the many unresolved 5G problems, there are good reasons to rein in the accelerated rollout of 5G. The small cell antenna densification underway creates many complex issues for local governments — including liability, aesthetics, safety, public health, increased energy consumption, expensive infrastructure upgrades, and a lack of local authority over the public right-of-way.

Environmental Health Trust has produced the excellent two-page fact sheet Climate Change, 5G, and the Internet of Things, which I have attached. (https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/5G-and-Climate-Change-Flyer-EHT.pdf) Not only does it explain why 5G is not sustainable and how its massive energy consumption is contributing to global warming, but it points out that solutions for fast, safe and secure Internet connections do exist.

Considering that a national fiber optic cable (hard-wired) system can guarantee “a superior foundation of Internet access for everyone, unequaled connectivity speed, safety, privacy, security, energy efficiency and long-term sustainability,” I would urge you to push for more progress on that front.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Miller


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”     Edmund Burke


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