2020-09-11 US Congressman blasts FCC re. 5G

1) A US Congressman continues to argue against 5G, and the proliferation of EMR, on behalf of his constituents. The substance of his letters could be used to confront Health Canada, ISED and our politicians who remain silent. This from Kate Kheel:

” On August 24th, U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi of New York’s 3rd District, wrote a scathing letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, citing the “devastating impact” 5G deployments are having on local communities in his jurisdiction. Every legislator needs to read this letter, and should write a similar one to Ajit Pai.

This Tuesday, please share Congressman Suozzi’s letter with your federal, state, and local legislators. The more decision makers that are made aware of 5G pushback efforts, the faster and more effectively we can build momentum to protect the public from rapacious telecom companies and the “captured” FCC.”

Thomas R. Suozzi, Member of Congress, Letter to FCC re 5G Deployment Regulations – August 24, 2020:


U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi (NY) Writes to FCC About 5G Health Risks & Property Devaluations – July 30, 2020:


2) After all of these years, many people and authorities remain unaware of the dangers associated with prolonged exposure to EMR. They need to be educated about the many cancer clusters that have been reported (needless to say that many more have occurred) after cell towers and transmitters have been installed near schools. And the health effects of exposure to Wi-Fi emissions, while being taught the many advantages of having fiber optic cable in homes and schools.

High Speed Internet Access Should be Made Safe for Ohio Students and Communities

“According to the September 1, 2020 Ohio governor press conference, $50M in grants has been made available for providing remote learning supplies to K-12 students.

These supplies include internet-abled lap tops, tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots for homes which will allow 121,000 students to do remote learning.”


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Cell tower removed after 4th Ripon student diagnosed with cancer


Look at what France was doing as long as 5 years ago.


3) A podcast about the increasing use of outer space by corporations. It is 20 min. long. At around 15 min., there is discussion about Space X satellites but nothing re radiation, lack of choice re exposure, effect on insects, animals and plants many of which have escaped such exposure so far. I have written to the podcast producer asking for a follow-up about this aspect of the corporate use of space.

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Non EMR related. This is from a pioneer in the battle against EMR and for the environment.

Petition – http://chng.it/K7V59gxw68

“Although directly we are all not affected, but we need to help to prevent a disastrous development of the Naramata Bench a little group is actively involved to have it prevented.

I used to live below those Naramata Bench hillside, which is depicted on the vintage $100 bill, I still have and is in this link.


Naramata bench is actually Canada’s Napa Valley.

On a stretch of 135 km long Okanagan Valley, we have 182 licensed wineries (as of 2018, number still growing)     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okanagan_Valley_(wine_region)

Please, please, help us prevent this terrible development by signing this petition:


Anyone can please sign, who knows about the Naramata Bench, even if you have friends in other provinces or foreign countries.

The more the better!

Please take a few minutes to sign and forward the plea to others.

Sorry,…it’s not EMF/EMR related, but this is so important to preserve the beauty in this area of the Okanagan Valley.

Thanks so much,

Hans Karow


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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