2020-08-27 Bermuda & Nigeria, 5G moratoriums

1) Citizens of Qualicum Beach are finding that their letters of complaint, protest and information were not recorded consistently in the City’s log book so that Councillors and the Mayor may not have known about them, and the local newspaper is not printing letters sent to it. We all have faced this frustration — much of the media is just too close to the telecoms, or afraid of losing advertising revenue. It is vital that the Council’s decision to override Staff recommendations, to allow public presentations in the approval process, not be condoned by silence.

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Cell tower a hot topic

https://tinyurl.com/yxlahcnt   (p.1 & A29 – The Parksville Qualicum Beach News – August 26, 2020)   &   2) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-08-24-fcc-like-health-can-and-ised-ignore-risks-re-5g/

2) Dr. Don Maisch sent this article which continues to raise the issue of 5G being a potential cause for a cold war between China and the U.S. and both countries are trying to get Europeans on their side.

5G unease and concerns over human rights mar China’s charm offensive through Europe

“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is lobbying his European counterparts for support amid a geopolitical spat with the United States  but he has been met with concerns over human rights and 5G technology security….

On his visit to Italy, Wang warned the country to stay away from the “new cold war” that he said the US was trying to promote, and to instead to focus on economic cooperation with China. Wang also applauded Italy for showing “understanding and support” towards Beijing’s “core interests and major issues”.”

5G unease and concerns over human rights issues mar China’s charm offensive through Europe


3) Governments of both Bermuda and Nigeria have ordered a moratorium on 5G due to safety and health concerns.

Bermuda: Temporary Moratorium on 5G Deployment

““The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda said they will “mandate a temporary moratorium on the deployment of 5G” pending the completion of a study and the issuance of a final determination.

A Bermuda government spokesperson said, “In acknowledgement of the various concerns raised about the deployment of 5G mobile technology [5G], the RA will mandate a temporary moratorium on the deployment of 5G for all ICOL & COL holders, [existing and new licencees], pending the completion of a Radio Frequency Study [RF Study] and the issuance of a final determination.”…

“What is particular about the laboratory research I do is that it compares current exposures to the exposures that existed in the environment before power and telecommunications systems were deployed, over the last 100 years,” he said.

His research suggests that electromagnetic energy from power lines and cellular telephone systems produces a slow damage to living materials, which can result in, or amplify, chronic diseases.” Full article at:


A rapidly growing list of governments are investigating 5G amidst the growing awareness of health and environmental impacts. Many are suspending deployment while the issue is examined. Examples include Slovenia, NigeriaPaPau New GuineaBelgium, Netherlands, and Australia. Over 415 Cities in Italy, several Cantons in Switzerland, and several municipalities in the United Kingdom and Ireland have passed resolutions to halt the roll out.”

Bermuda: Temporary Moratorium On 5G Deployment



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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