2020-08-17 Amazing offer from Dr. Devra Davis’s team

1) Another Global “Stop 5G Day” is being organized for Sept. 26. Given the COVID-19 situation, we need to figure out how we can organize to raise awareness and show our concerns safely. Events need to be held in as many communities as possible. As you start to organize, please send me information for me to share so others in your area can get involved. Email details to me at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “Sept. 26 event” on the subject line.

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Here are some ideas, suggestions and videos for sharing sent by 5G Crisis and a very generous offer by Dr. Devra Davis’s team, which Kate Kheel confirmed applies to Canadian politicians and government officials. Because so many are taking advantage of this offer, it might take some time and a few requests. To avoid too many duplicate requests, I will prepare a list of provincial and federal officials (politicians and bureaucrats) and I would hope you will send her a list of select officials from your local governments — you might include school boards and school principals.

Offer from Environmental Health Trust

Environmental Health Trust has graciously offered to send your government officials a letter and some of “the science” showing the health and environmental impacts of EMFs. To take advantage of this amazing offer, please send all relevant information including contact emails of officials to info@ehtrust.org. They will then send your government officials scientific information and research on health and environmental effects from EMFs.

World renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Devra Davis, is President of Environmental Health Trust so you can be certain the submissions from them will be strong.”


An updated version of the “We do not consent” video, that was shared a few months ago, has been provided. Please share widely.

Safe Technology, Not 5G

https://youtu.be/0RvMD0i9Or4  (5:45 min.)

2) Last week, Americans for Responsible Technology organized a webinar in which 5G and satellites were discussed. There were several excellent presentations, well worth the time, and then there was a period for Q&A. I listened for 2 hours and it was still going on when I left. A major portion of the webinar is available via YouTube.


5G Space Wars: The race to fill the skies with 5G satellites.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh8tIScM2a0&feature=emb_title  (1:14 hr.)

3) While 5G is struggling with the technical issues of milliwave transmissions, industry is investigating 6G which will use even higher frequencies, terahertz using largely “non-terrestrial” means, e.g. more satellites, etc. And, of course, without any apparent concern for health issues or plans for testing.

With 5G Rollout Lagging, Research Looks Ahead to 6G

“Amid a 5G rollout that has faced its fair share of challenges, it might seem somewhat premature to start looking ahead at 6G, the next generation of mobile communications. But 6G development is happening now, and it’s being pursued in earnest by both industry and academia…

The foundational difference between 5G and 6G networks, according to Zorzi, will be the increased role that intelligence will play in 6G networks. It will go beyond merely classification and prediction tasks as is the case in legacy and/or 5G systems…

Giordani adds: “While 5G networks (and previous generations) have been designed to provide connectivity for an essentially bi-dimensional space, future 6G heterogeneous architectures will provide three-dimensional coverage by deploying non-terrestrial platforms (e.g., drones, HAPs, and satellites) to complement terrestrial infrastructures.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”       Martin Luther King, Jr.

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