2020-07-30 Ukraine increasing exposure limits to accommodate 5G

1) ARPANSA in Australia is similar to our Health Canada and the US FCC in that it uses ICNIRP’s standards and considers thermal heating the only effect from EMR. Health Officers, like ours, claim 5G is safe without any scientific evidence. Doctors and scientists are making their concerns known, warning that gagging true scientists ultimately will have devastating consequences to living things.

Scientists and medical doctors raise concerns about 5G deployment in Australia and New Zealand

“The authors of the letter urge the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) to take an active role in the investigation of non-thermal and chronic effects that are not being addressed in current guidelines. The writers state that they find it ‘intriguing’ that the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has made a health risks assessment about 5G in a public information sheet without involving medical expertise. It is pointed out that health risk evaluation in New Zealand of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) has also been undertaken without medical expertise.”




5G: the new generation of the mobile phone network and health

“Consequently, this energy is absorbed mostly within the skin where surface heating is the predominant effect. At these higher 5G frequencies, the limits in the ARPANSA safety standard are set to prevent excessive heating at the surface of the skin and the eye.”


2) Ukraine has had one of the lower exposure limits for decades, with a maximum of 10 uW/cm2 (microwatts per centimeter squared). Canada’s maximum has been 1,000 uW/cm2 since inception and still is. Now the government of Ukraine is increasing the limit to 100 uW/cm2 to accommodate 5G. Its limit, while 10 times higher than it was, is still 10 times lower than Canada’s. ICNIRP has stated that limits will have to be increased if 5G is to work as designed.

Health Canada says in every letter and all over its website that Safety Code 6 is one of the best guidelines in the world. The chart in the article is misleading because the exposure levels vary with frequency. The chart shows Health Canada’s maximum at less than 3,000 mW/m2 (milliwatt per meter squared) or less than 300 uW/cm2, which is correct for 900 MHz but, in fact, the maximum for higher frequencies is actually 10,000 mW/mw or 1,000 uW/m2. An interesting reference is from Katharina Gustav: Current RF Exposure Limits – February 2018


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Ukraine health officials have been instructed by the government to increase the allowable wireless radiation limits 10X to allow toxic 5G….

On July 1, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine instructed the Ministry of Health to increase the maximum permissible level of EMR for high (30-300 MHz), ultra-high (300-3000 MHz) and very high (30-300 GHz) frequency bands by 10 times – from 10 μW / cm2 to 100 µW / cm2, by making appropriate changes to the order of the Ministry No. 239 dated August 1, 1996. This decision was made for the development of 4G and, in the future, 5G in Ukraine.”

Ukraine Betrayed! Ministry of Health To Increase Radiation for 5G


An interesting link from the article:



Ukraine to increase permitted level of electromagnetic radiation ten times: What does this mean?

“WHO notes that according to the results of numerous studies carried out, no harmful effects on human health have been identified with wireless radio technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. The conclusions are based on studies carried out across the entire radio spectrum.

However, it is also noted that in prolonged exposure to radiation with an intensity of about 20 μW / cm2 (recall that the government increases it to 100 μW / cm2), a decrease in pulse rate is recorded, blood pressure decreases. At an intensity of 6 mW/cm2 changes appear in the gonads, in the composition of the blood, there is a clouding of the lens of the eye, in the future – changes in the ability of blood to clot, in conditioned reflex activity, pathological changes in the cells of the liver and cerebral cortex, then – an increase in blood pressure, rupture of capillaries and hemorrhages in the lungs and liver.

Radiation with the intensity of up to 100 mW / cm2 causes persistent hypotension and functional changes in the cardiovascular system, bilateral cataracts. Further irradiation has a noticeable negative effect on the tissues of the human body, causing pain.”


3) Our Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Tam, does not appear to consider cell phones emitting higher levels of EMR than even the dangerous Safety Code 6 allows to be a public health concern. Please see the stream of emails to and from her.


Please read from the bottom up.


From: Sharon Noble
To: “Office of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada / Bureau de l’administratrice en chef de la santé publique (PHAC/ASPC)” <nfa1575541451400130@canada.ca>
Cc: “Brian Ahier” <brian.ahier@canada.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 10:33:11 AM
Subject: Re: QUESTION – FW: Radiation Emitting Devices Act

Dear Dr. Tam,

Thank you for your response. I would appreciate it very much if you would clarify why this isn’t within the scope of your office. Your mandate includes advising the public about issues that affect their health and, as you certainly are aware, cell phone usage has been associated with many health problems, paramount of which is brain cancer. If a cell phone that exceeds the allowable emission standards is still being used by and sold to the public, would this not fall within your department’s responsibility?

Sharon Noble

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From: “Office of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada / Bureau de l’administratrice en chef de la santé publique (PHAC/ASPC)” <nfa1575541451400130@canada.ca>
To: Sharon Noble
Cc: “Brian Ahier” <brian.ahier@canada.ca>
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:58:39 AM
Subject: RE: QUESTION – FW: Radiation Emitting Devices Act

Dear Ms. Noble,

Thank you for your correspondence of July 18. While this falls out of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s scope, I would like to direct you to contact Brian Ahier, Acting Director General at the Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate of Health Canada. I have copied him on this email for your convenience.


Dr. Theresa Tam

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: 2020-07-18 5:23 PM
To: Tam, Dr Theresa (PHAC/ASPC) <drtheresa.tam@canada.ca>
Subject: Radiation Emitting Devices Act

Dear Dr. Tam,

Health Canada, and specifically the Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate, governs the sale, lease and importation of radiation emitting devices in Canada via the Radiation Emitting Devices Act.

Under the Prohibitions in the Act, no device can be imported or sold in Canada if that device fails to comply with established standards. https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/R-1/page-1.html#h-420039

In 2016, Dr. Marc Arazi announced to the world that in testing nearly 100 of the most popular cell phones sold in France, nearly 90% were found to have radiation emissions in excess of France’s standard. France’s SAR limit of 2 W/kg is higher than Canada’s Safety Code 6, 1.6 W/kg. Since that time, France has banned the sale of and recalled several cell phones that were on Dr. Arazi’s Phonegate list. (https://www.phonegatealert.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Dossier-de-presse-liste-des-mod%C3%A9les-%C3%A0-risques-28-juin-2018.pdf).

Independent testing of several cell phones sold in North America was done by the Chicago Tribune https://www.chicagotribune.com/investigations/ct-cell-phone-radiation-testing-methodology–20190821-whddrljk6fbmxoqh25u5t7lkb4-story.html and results were consistent with those reported by Dr. Arazi. Dr. Om Gandhi reported that hundreds of cell phones in common use exceed US emission standards of 1.6 W/kg by as much as 11 times. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=8688629

Apparently these are the only cell phone emission tests done in either the US or Canada.

In May, 2020, France banned a “top-of-the-line” and popular gaming phone, the Razer Phone 2 after finding, under controlled testing, that its SAR was 3.29 w/kg when held 5 mm from the skin. The SAR, of course, increases dramatically when the distance is reduced, exceeding 10 W/kg when in direct contact with skin. https://www.phonegatealert.org/en/press-release-withdrawal-of-the-razer-phone-2-not-seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees  When being used or carried, it is common for cell phones to be in touch with the body.

Many of the cell phones which have been found, by agencies other than Health Canada, to have exceeded the standards established by Safety Code 6, for example the Razer Phone 2, are still being used and sold in Canada. The Radiation Emitting Devices Act has not been enforced by Health Canada with regard to these devices and as far as I can determine, no testing of cell phones sold and in use in Canada has been done. People are using and carrying these devices with no awareness of the possible risk and, more significant, many children sleep with cell phones nearby, even under their pillows. I believe this to be a public health concern that requires your attention. Hopefully you will agree.

I look forward to receiving your response at your earliest convenience.


Sharon Noble

Victoria, BC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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