2020-07-25 More cell towers & 5G spoof info.

1) People keep circulating the article about Covid and 5G that was published in PubMed last week. Several experts noticed errors in the article which indicated it was a spoof. If this had been circulated widely, it could have been another of our being gullible and naive. Dr. Meg Sears was the first expert to send out an advisory and to write to PubMed advising that they had been spoofed and asking for an immediate retraction. Below is the letter she wrote. Please, if you know of anyone promoting this “study”, let them know they could hurt our credibility and show them Dr. Sear’s letter.

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2) Below is more information about the tower proposed for Qualicum Beach urging people to write to the Council by July 27 with their concerns. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. All of us need to get organized, prepare packages for the councillors and mayors, and for our neighbours and figure out ways to pass the word during this difficult period of isolation.

3) A notice for a 40 meter cell tower in Lantzville that was in the Nanaimo newspaper a couple of days ago. Public comments can be made until Aug. 24. There should be a public meeting which the local city hall should have info on. I have no idea if the address is in a residential neighbourhood or not, but if I find out I will share. No doubt we will see many more of these going up to support the 5G grid.


4) I do not know this fellow and be warned that he is asking for financial support for a lawsuit. But this is happening everywhere — and will continue to happen. This man’s home is now unsafe because the owner of the building got paid to put a transmitter on the roof. And ISED’s policy is that transmitters can be put on any existing structure without any notification or consultation. This could happen to anyone, and will, if we don’t stop the spread of this danger. If anyone connects with him, I would like to know more about him. Is he legit? He needs to find a lawyer who will take this on a contingency basis for the many people whose homes have been ruined and whose health has been jeopardized.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC_gXM0RZSE&feature=youtu.be   (6:26 min.)


Canadian scientist Dr. Meg Sears told me that it has been withdrawn. Below is the letter she wrote to the editor of the journal stating it should be retracted and providing reasons:
22 July 2020


I am writing to alert you to the fact that a recently published article, 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells should be retracted. It is not credible, and appears to be a spoof.

If I understand it correctly, this “editorial” (it is not an editorial, which should come from the editor – i.e., yourself) posits the possibility that something that looks like a virus – specifically SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 – could result from irradiation of skin cells with mm waves. There is a long list of reasons that this is not plausible, but a key one that is readily understood is that SARS-CoV-2 contains particular RNA that is unlike RNA in human cells. This RNA would have had to come from another virus – it would not assemble from human RNA. Indeed, this paper talks about genes and DNA – not RNA, that is the genetic material in the virus. Such a fundamental error should have immediately discredited the work.

Every once in a while people submit a spoof paper to see if it will pass peer review, and this has all of the hallmarks of such a paper – legends are written in simplistic English, there are colourful images to be posted on social media, and it has pages of irrelevant math including many keywords that people would understand.

I strongly believe that you and your peer reviewers have been spoofed, and hope that you will retract this paper immediately. Rather than feeding controversy and confusion over the very real health effects of radiofrequency radiation, I look forward to you taking a stance for strong, credible science.

Please feel free to contact me with regard to this important issue.


Meg Sears


Subject: 147 foot Telus Tower Proposed in Qualicum Beach (near Eaglecrest)

Good morning Everyone,

Please pass this on to everyone you can think of, but without my email address, please.

We need to keep up the pressure. If you listen to the minutes of the last Council meeting, it sounds like a done deal, dismissing our volunteer efforts to gently give out information as “harassment” (Robert Filmer), and that we cannot have “harassment” in QB (Teunis Westbroek.) therefore the tower is a go ahead, as Telus wrote letters to some Eaglecrest residents (which they view as very positive). [I hope you got the gist of this insanity, and the ironies.]

Also, 5G antennae are being installed on towers elsewhere. I believe it will only be time before this happens, if the tower is constructed.

From my experience sending emails to these folks, I recommend HANDWRITTEN LETTERS THAT ARE HAND-DELIVERED TO TOWN HALL ARE BETTER THAN EMAILS. (The only person who has acknowledged my email is Adam Walker. He is against the tower, and needs our support in this “fight”.)

Huge thanks,

Great thanks to those of you that have written emails! It is important to type at the top of your letter:
If you haven’t done so, you can type it above your letter and resend to: Telus, Mayor, Council and Staff.
Deadline for emails: July 27, 2020, at 5:00pm(if missed, can still send to Mayor and Council)

Dear Friends opposing the 4th cell tower in Qualicum Beach,


We just have a few days to get these emails to Mayor and Council to oppose the cell tower planned at Village Way/and 18th tee Eaglecrest. Thank you so much to those of you that have written (you can write another letter too), and the rest of us still have time to write…,.it can be just a few lines opposing the cell tower.

Deadline: July 27, 2020
Your letter is worth 50 people, so please have each person in your family write your email, and tell your friends to write too. Thank you so much!

Also, if you are able to send this out to your Facebook friends, sure would be appreciated.
Carol and Fred Dowe


[Please place in Correspondence Log] (at top of your letter)

briangregg@sitepathconsulting.com – Telus
mayor@qualicumbeach.com 250-738-2213
rfilmer@qualicumbeach.com 250-228-0852
awalker@qualicumbeach.com 250-947-5115
sharrison@qualicumbeach.com 250-927-7809
twestbroek@qualicumbeach.com 250-228-5473
hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com 250-752-6921 (Administrator)
lsales@qualicumbeach.com 250-752-6921 (Planning)


We need to flood the mayor and council with letters and phone calls. Remember how the bus garage was turned around with 300 letters? So write your letter in your own words addressing:

[Example of points to make]….feel free to write your own letter.

Main thing, express your opposition to these cell towers.

1. Same concerns of cell towers at Village Way, Qualicum Beach sign and 18th tee Eaglecrest as before with 500 on petition and letters. This is the same location, affecting the same people, children and residential neighbours and church. Harmful effect of EMF and 5G coming. Schools: Arrowview Elem. Christian Fellowship Church and preschool, Kwalikum Beach Senior School.

1a. We care deeply about our children and grandchildren and want to protect them. What will our legacy be?

2. We have 3 tall cell towers already in Qualicum Beach, population 9,000
Laburnum 47 metres, Firehall 38 metres and Water Tower 37 metres.
New Telus tower proposed is 45 metres, 147 feet!! would be a 4th tower!!

3. Eaglecrest can get good reception by using Rogers cell phone, but many are unwilling to change service.

4. Ugly appearance of cell tower at entrance to Qualicum Beach at Village Way.

You can write more than one letter. Each member of your household can write a letter.
You may have other things to say. But most important to write your letter [no form letters please] and call the mayor and council. If they don’t reply, leave a message on their phone that you Oppose the cell tower at Village Way or 18th tee at Eaglecrest. We need to flood them.!!! July 27 is our deadline!
Tell everyone to write and call that you know!

Thank you so much,

Concerned citizens re: Qualicum Beach cell towers


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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