2020-06-24 A Proactive Antenna Siting and Small Cell Licensing document

1) Oona McOuat, aided by some other members, has provided 2 excellent and important documents to help municipalities prepare for the advance of the 5G grid by Telus, Bell, and others throughout BC and Canada.

Creating a Proactive Antenna Siting Protocol & Small Cell Licensing Agreement


Getting it wrong in “Getting it right: Preparing for 5G deployment in your municipality”


2) As more countries and communities are learning about 5G, many are raising concerns about the lack of testing of this new technology and the health risks associated with the new frequencies. Countries like US and Canada are maintaining that the current exposure guidelines are adequate to cover milliwaves, even though the scientific evidence shows the guidelines are dangerously inadequate for older technologies, e.g. 2G, 3G and 4G. Why should we trust Safety Code 6 to protect us from milliwaves when it doesn’t protect us from microwaves?

Update: 5G Battle over health risks in Switzerland

“In a letter to the country’s cantonal authorities at the end of January, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment Bafu asked for a postponement on the commissioning of new 5G transmission masts, writes the Financial Times.

The Bafu is responsible for establishing safety criteria against which radiation emissions can be assessed. The Bafu has said that it cannot yet provide universal criteria without further testing the impact of 5G radiation.

The environmental agency writes that it is “not aware of any global standard” that could be used to assess recommendations.” Therefore, the Bafu will investigate in depth the exposure caused by 5G antennas, if possible in real operational conditions. This work will take some time,” the agency said.

Without new criteria, cantons can only grant licenses for 5G infrastructure under the existing radiation exposure guidelines, which virtually exclude the use of 5G, except in a small number of cases.”



3) This week 5GWinnipegAwareness is beginning a campaign to raise about 5G and EMR by going door-to-door in various parts of the city, handing out “Are You Aware” flyers. On Tuesday 11 people handed out 400 flyers, and they are just getting started. The flyer can be found at the following link and I’m sure if you would like to start a similar campaign using this flyer, Marg Friesen, head of 5G Winnipeg Awareness, would be happy to give permission.


4) In letters: A member advised that yesterday an interview on CBC Radio re. 5G had misleading information. She has provided a link to it and a letter she wrote to the CBC program asking for experts on the topic to be invited to respond. The asst prof. is in the field of communications, media and film and obviously is speaking about things that are not in his field, especially in the last minute when he is asked about the “5G conspiracy”. This program was out of Calgary but it is just one of many which provide misinformation about 5G, EMR, etc. and responses are needed. Please consider adding your voice to hers.


Hi friends,
There was a very misleading interview this morning on CBC Radio that I replied to with the following email.

I’m hoping you’ll have a listen to this short interview and write your own email to the CBC program asking them to investigate further because Greg Taylor’s comment about 5G concerns being a conspiracy is totally unprofessional for a U of Calgary professor and I feel, terribly misleading for the public. I’ve included the CBC program email address after this link.

Here’s the link to the 7 minute interview


One thing he did say that was news to me was that the Apple IPhone has as yet, no 5G millimeter devices on the market – (i.e. the 5G appearing on phones now refers to the 5th Generation of the same technology we are currently using – the same bandwidth we’ve been using for 2G, 3G,and 4G.)

If you’re concerned about Assistant Professor Greg Taylor’s dismissal of 5G concerns as a conspiracy, then “eyeopener@cbc.ca” is their email address and sending a CC to your MP’s office would be helpful because at this point, it appears only federal politicians have the power to enact a moratorium on further build out of an entirely new infrastructure needed for the as yet untested for safety and possibly hazardous to life, millimeter wave 5G frequencies that the Telecoms are rushing to make profitable regardless of the scientists’ warnings.

I’ve included many excellent resources in my email below. I’m hoping that someone at the CBC looks beyond this “authority’s opinion” and does some research and that you’ll join me in asking that the CBC consider interviewing some of the concerned scientists in order to counter the highly funded regrettably unethical Telecom hype.

Yes there are trillions of dollars at stake both in profit for Telecoms and for federal government coffers from auctioning off the frequency bands used for telecommunications. This is a very high stakes moment – I feel it’s critical for our future health and wellbeing, so I am asking you to look into this yourself and not just take my word for it.

Wireless microwave radiation has been a known biological hazard since the US Navy’s research done in the 1970’s (see the report by Zory R. Glaser PhD at Magdahavas.com) yet most people don’t know that prolonged exposure to the microwave radiation from their WIFI router or the cellular transmitters on the top of their building is dangerous to their health, and especially hazardous to their children. Please listen to the scientists’ concerns.

Thank you for reading this and best wishes for a happy generative summer –


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Dear folks at the CBC Eyeopener,

This morning when Mr. Greg Taylor, Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Films at University of Calgary, replied to the question about 5G concerns saying it’s a conspiracy, he revealed that he is misinformed and in his position of “authority”, I feel he did us all a great disservice. I’m hoping you will rebalance this interview with a more scientifically informed point of view.

I’m asking you to interview Mr. Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada and current CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, (C4st.org) and/ or Dr. MAGDA HAVAS, Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario (https://magdahavas.com).

I’ve been researching this issue since a workplace injury in 2008, and I suggest your listeners need another perspective or an alternate view to your interviewee’s statements. I’ve included some resources below for your consideration.

1) URGENT WARNING – Media Release; Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G RollOut https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=pxXgGauTdy0&feature=emb_logo

2) a link to an Appeal to the Canadian Federal government drafted by 24 organizations concerned about 5G safety and wireless hazards generally http://c4st.org/5gappeal/ At the end there is a list of over 50 scientific and expert resources to back up these concerns.

3) “Scientists Speaking on Health Effects of Cell Phone Wireless Radiation” – ( a short news item) “Hundreds of scientists are speaking on the health effects of cell phone and wireless. They are calling for action to protect children and communities. Over twenty countries have enacted protective policies. Learn all about this issue and read the peer reviewed science at https://ehtrust.org/take-action/educa…” [https://ehtrust.org/educate-yourself/]


4) https://mdsafetech.org/problems/5g/
Real issues overshadowed by conspiracy….

5) Mitch Marchand in Calgary is trained to do EMF and Radio Frequency (wireless) measurement and remediation. He has done an excellent job of explaining the technology in his teaching videos and would also be a good person to interview.

6) a list of resources, links and sample letters of concern:


7) attached is an Affidavit (see link) presented by Dr. Magda Havas to the CRTC on May 15, 2019 entitled: CRTC Consultation 2019-57
5G Spectrum, Wavelength, Related Harm and Charter Breaches, Prepared in Support of the Intervention of EMF-OFF!

Thank you for your attention to this critically important public health care concern.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Actually oddly enough, I think my work, the activism, will be forgotten. And I hope it will. Because I hope those problems will have gone away.”       Bono


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