2020-06-22 Shaw’s midnight maintenance & lawsuit by Telus

1) In late May, many people complained about being disturbed late at night or early in the morning by Shaw workers in front of their homes, without explanations or notifications. Shaw said it was doing “maintenance” throughout much of the country. It seems that Shaw was upgrading its internet service and is now being sued by Telus as having misrepresented it. At least we now know what Shaw was doing in the middle of the night.

Shaw Facing Lawsuit Filed by Telus Claiming ‘Misleading’ Internet Advertising

“According to IT World Canada, Shaw began offering Fibre+ Gig gigabit internet service on May 27 for nearly all of its customers in Western Canada. The Fibre+ Gig service purportedly delivered up to 1000 Mbps download speed and can potentially transfer a 1GB file in just eight seconds. At the same time, Shaw also offered the Fibre+ 750 plan with up to 750Mbps download speed and the Basic 10 plan that offered up to 10Mbps download speed.”


2) The Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association (CWTA) represents “the industry before all levels of government and various regulatory agencies, CWTA actively promotes the industry with the goal of ensuring continued growth of the wireless sector in Canada.” It ensures and protects the growth of wireless technology, even if it has to lie to the public, putting their health and well-being at risk to do so.

Below is a statement that has been sent widely, even to members of the public who ask questions about 5G. It is shamefully misleading and deceptive, using the conspiracy theories re Covid being caused by 5G that were spread by a few early on. And this will be something that the telecoms can point to when they are asked questions. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any agency, including the Ombudsperson or the consumer affairs, that holds organizations like these accountable for their deliberately spreading false information all for the sake of profit. This is just like the tobacco industry except everyone is exposed, not just smokers and those close to smokers.

Setting the Record Straight on 5G Wireless & RF Safety

“There is an increasing amount of misinformation circulating on the Internet and through other channels about possible harmful effects from 5G mobile wireless networks. Contrary to these claims, there are no established health risks from the radiofrequency waves used in 5G networks in accordance with applicable safety standards….

RF energy used for mobile phones, base stations & other wireless services has been studied for decades. These studies have resulted in no substantiated scientific evidence of harmful health effects from RF technologies used within national and international safety standards.”


3) The FCC and Health Canada use a bizarre method of measuring the Specific Absorption Rate, or amount of radiation that the body would absorb when using a cell phone. Not only does it consider thermal heating only but it measures heating of a huge head filled will gel, measuring as if the phone were held several millimeters from any part of the body. That is why phone manuals all say to keep the phone some distance from any part of the body when in use. Yet Health Canada says cell phones are safe for children to use 24/7, which implies even to sleep with them. These phones are still being sold without any warning, without any testing by ISED or Health Canada or demanding a recall.

A Radio Frequency Exposure Test Finds an iPhone 11Pro Exceeds the FCC’s limit

“A test bPenumbra Brands to measure how much radiofrequency energy aiPhone 11 Pro gives off found that the phone emits more than twice the amount allowable by thU.S. Federal Communications Commission

More fundamentally, the SAR test doesn’t accurately replicate how most people interact with their phones. Testing phones from 5 millimeters away from the body may seem close, but for anyone carrying their phone in a pocket, the distance is closer to 2 millimeters. Because wireless power falls off exponentially with distance, what might be a safe amount of RF exposure at 5 millimeters could be much higher at 2 millimeters.”


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Last September 10’s update [http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/2019-09-10-u-s-news-program-re-5g-health-effects/] included a report about earlier versions of Apple’s iphone also exceeding dramatically the allowable SAR levels


4) Below in Letters is a call to action by Debra Greene of Keep Your Power in Hawaii. Police in Maui are asking to be allowed to use milliwave (5G?) technology for communications. I am including this because things that occur in the US usually occur here and we need to learn about this. As this group learns more, I will share it with you.


Maui Police Dept. Seeks High Frequency Wireless Operations

Most of the the frequencies to be used by the proposed police system are not in the 4G range. They are higher frequencies (5G?). And the system is designed to emit focused, directed beams of microwave energy. In the past, similar systems have been used by the military as directed energy weapons. This is of grave concern.

The Maui Police Department has applied for a Special Use Permit to build a wireless communications facility on agricultural land at Makila, near Puamana (West Maui).

The new facilities, said to serve Public Safety and Local Government communications, would operate in the following frequencies:

5.900 GHz to 6.875 GHz

10.550 GHz to 11.700 GHz

17.700 to 19.700 GHz

By comparison, 4G typically operates below 8 GHz, which means a significant portion of these frequencies are in the higher frequency range, approaching the millimeter waves of 5G (typically understood as around 24 GHz and above).

Further, the new facilities are designed to emit focused, directed beams to spotlight a specific target, another feature of 5G.

This is all very disconcerting, as we know that most wireless infrastructure built now is easily convertible to 5G with a software update.

And we know that the higher frequencies have, in the past, been used by the military as directed energy weapons. In this era of militarizing the police, this is not as far fetched as it may seem.

Important questions need to be answered before this proposed new tower site is approved:

1) Why is the Maui Police Department seeking this type of high frequency, directed beam wireless capabilities?

2) Why use agricultural land for wireless radiation towers that are shown to damage plants, animals and insects, all necessary for agriculture? See https://ehtrust.org/science/bees-butterflies-wildlife-research-electromagnetic-fields-environment/

3) What about the disruption to the view plane from this large and ugly tower structure?

4) What about the reduced property values for those living in valley that this ridge boarders, which are mostly Hawaiians: See https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-towers-lower-property-values-documentation-research/

5) What are the current limitations the Maui Police Department is trying to address that cannot be accomplished by other, safer means?

6) Why not make use of the existing fiber optic cable that is faster, safer, and more secure than wireless? See www.SafeG.net 


Debra Greene, PhD
Kihei, Hawaii


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I am always prepared to do the right thing regardless of what other people think.”     Bill Ackman


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