2020-06-16 Conspiracy theories distracting from health concerns of 5G

1) Recent articles by respected media outlets have given support for 5G through publishing incorrect, untrue information that has been provided by the industry. Unfortunately for the public, attempts to provide rebuttals by experts on the topic have fallen on deaf ears.

“The fair-minded journalists at Investigate Europe are taking the time to see past the telecom industry hype and discover findings from responsible scientific organizations around the world about the impact of cell phone radiation,” said Dr. Devra Davis, president of Environmental Health Trust.

“When journalists carelessly take the telecom industry at its word, they end up contributing to misinformation, trampling science and endangering public health and the environment.”

The 5G Mass Experiment: Real 5G issues overshadowed by Covid-19 conspiracy theories

“Unsubstantiated claims that connect the new mobile technology to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have led people to destroy 5G masts in several countries. Such actions overshadow concerns about health effects of the technology that are real and legitimate…

Even a precursory investigation would show this to be a big logical leap. Take Portugal, for example, where there is no single 5G antenna in operation. Even the auction that was to grant operators licenses to launch this new technology was postponed in March. Portugal has Covid-19, but will not have 5G anytime soon…

Dariusz Leszczynski is concerned that undocumented claims that Coronavirus is caused by 5G – or that there is no virus at all, and that people are simply getting sick from 5G itself – will silence legitimate questions of health effects from mobile radiation.”


2) 5G investment is increasing dramatically in the EU, with major projects in the works. And now they’re talking about 6G.

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EU boosts investment in 5G hardware innovation and trialling 5G based connected and automated mobility

Eleven new Horizon 2020 projects under the European 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP), will kick off in September 2020. The objective will be to seize opportunities in 5G hardware innovation and to validate 5G ecosystems for connected and automated mobility (CAM) along three new European cross-border corridors.”


3) In last night’s update, I included an article about a school in the US requiring students to wear devices that would enable their movements to be tracked.


The technology is being used widely, or has the capability of being used widely as described in this video, to track people and all of their movements and interactions, perhaps without them even knowing, by wearing “beacons”. The excuse for doing this is COVID-19 but it takes a long time to develop something like this so it would seem logical that this has been in the works for a long time, with plans for use after the virus. I wonder what will happen to those of us who refuse to wear beacons or get tattooed.

How it works – O3b mPOWER technology

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw6RyuVSQo0 (3:46 min.)


And more information about how this technology is being used. Much of the information came from “Wired”:


“Volan [volantechnology.com] is already in schools (New Jersey/Ohio) uses Artificial Intelligence and the System is first AI‐ based Location Positioning, patented software which creates a Wireless Neural Mesh Network uses precise‐location positioning and micro‐geofencing to automate private contact tracing [and more]

With micro‐geofencing, [next micro‐needling of tattoo vaccinations]   Volan can automate social distancing enforcement and management of protected zones, detect unsafe distances or groupings of individuals in real‐time, and send violation alerts to exposure rings… all with zero dependency on cellular, GPS, or wifi.”



From: Lavonne Garnett (name given with permission)
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Sent: June 15, 2020
Subject: Fwd: Update 2020-06-14 5G support by CNN article

Given that there is no opportunity to study the effects of the latest 5G technology, being rapidly disseminated by microcell towers and/or satellites, it is incumbent upon all addressed in the “To” line to understand the risks, so you can voice concerns and have a moratorium on activation of 5G technology, until it can be proven safe to humans, animals, plants, insects (especially pollinators). As representatives of citizens of this country, I am asking you to read the letter below and to access the 5G Summit replays to learn the latest information on electromagnetic radiation, its effects and mitigation. Then please take action to ensure the safety of our families and all that life depends upon. So far, our planet has been plunging further and further into destruction with rampant pollution of air, water, and food. Most of us don’t have the option to jump off the train.

Lavonne Garnett


Sent to each individual Councillor and Mayor:

Dear City Mayor and Councillors,

We are faced with the most grave health threat of our time — one we can ill afford to ignore, for to do so, would be at our collective planetary peril.

No, I’m definitely not speaking of the latest pandemic virus which according to May 2020 CDC data has a mortality rate of .26%, and which contrary to the claims of the controlled media, medical, pharmaceutical industrial complex can be successfully reduced, mitigated and treated through safe, sane, scientifically proven but censored natural methods.



Ms. R. H. Gilan (name given with permission)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”                    George Orwell


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