2020-06-13 5G for farming, bee-keeping

1) Using 5G to helps increase bee population?? There are many studies showing just the opposite is true. Experts warn that milliwaves will be even more dangerous to insects.


10 ways 5G will change farming and agriculture

From crop drones to insect detection, the farms of the future will rely on 5G. Discover ten ways 5G will transform the agriculture industry.

“Hiber recently launched the world’s first ever IoT satellite network, called Hiberband, for remote areas and developing countries. It covers 90% of the world, and one of its first projects is a bee monitoring solution called Hostabee that helps maintain a stable climate in the hives and helps beekeepers and farmers reduce bee mortality rates … and so help farmers with the necessary pollination needed to grow their crops in the first place. The Hiberband network transfers data from modems and antennas on the ground directly to the nanosatellites and then back to the user.”


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No Bees No People

There are major references to studies here.

Cell Phone Radiation Disturbs Honey Bees

Bees, Birds and Mankind, Destroying nature by electrosmog by electrosmog by Ulrich Warnke

The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollutionby Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, May 2009


2) New push for 5G due to COVID-19 — robot food delivery, drones, cars. What isn’t being told — dangers to health, privacy, etc. but what about lost jobs? In many large cities, food and delivery services mean work for many people.

New Orleans seeks citywide Wi-Fi, IoT as Covid-19 begets new tech ideas

COVID-19 has devastated the U.S. economy and raised jobless applications to 44 million over the past 12 weeks.

Even so, technology analysts see a silver lining with digital innovations sparked by the virus. In part, they predict an uptick of smart city projects related to communications, transportation, robots and drones.

In the latest promising development, New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell announced Thursday that the city is seeking proposals from businesses and nonprofits for what could result in a massive project to add a Wi-Fi network throughout the city with the addition of small cells for 5G wireless. The city also wants their input on an IoT platform to “allow for the interoperability of varying devices.””


3) Last month, I shared the press release about Phonegate’s Dr. Arazi about another phone being withdrawn from market. The Razer Phone 2 is sold in Canada and the US as a gaming phone (https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Phone-New-Smartphone-Snapdragon/dp/B07H9V6PHZ) which means it is geared for young people — a very vulnerable group. It is one of many phones found to have levels of RF that are many times the level allowed by Safety Code 6 when used close to the body.

It’s time we complained to ISED and I think Consumer Affairs is the appropriate way to lodge this complaint:


Be prepared for a response that says these phones fall within SC 6 testing which allows the phone to be tested when help away from the body and using a head the size of the large man filled with liquid.


Razer Phone 2 Recalled for High Radiation Levels. “Millions of harmful mobile phones are still on the market.”

“Millions of harmful mobile phones are still on the market, ” stated Dr. Marc Arazi in the latest Phonegate press release.  “In spite of the mobilization of several national associations, our public appeals and our meeting at the beginning of January at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, nothing has changed. Hundreds of models of mobile phones presenting health risks for users continue to be authorized on the French and European markets.”


Phonegate press release:



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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