2020-05-30 Shaw is doing overnight “maintenance” which includes new devices on poles

1) Around midnight last night, someone was alerted by her dog to activity outside her home along a road on Salt Spring Island. It was someone with a Shaw truck and a bucket lift going up the pole. When asked what he was doing, he said “maintenance to give you better internet.” When asked if it was 5G, he said “call it what you want”. When asked why it was being done in the middle of the night, he said “to not have to deal with people like you”. No notification had been sent out because, according to the Shaw worker, it was too expensive. As the truck continued down the road, putting devices on every other pole, the person continued (until 2am) to ask questions and learned the worker was part of a team from Alberta.

Looking at the Shaw website, there is information about “maintenance” being done nationally (May 31) now and from Winnipeg to Vancouver Island from May 31-June 5, overnight supposedly because service will be interrupted for several hours. This “maintenance” appears to involve all of their services, digital and wireless, but no other information is provided. We need to find out if this involves more or stronger wireless devices.

I have asked for photos of the new devices and, if it is possible, I will let you know what it seems to be. Please, if you see any similar work being done, ask as many questions as you can and send any new info to me at:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “shaw maintenance” on the subject line. Also, get photos of any new equipment that are as detailed as possible and include any writing, if possible. This will help us to try to figure out what is happening because this probably will be the only way we’ll know what Shaw is doing.

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2) An investigative journalist speaks about the censorship re. 5G that is occurring. There is nothing new with the mainstream media ignoring anything related to negative or accurate information about wireless devices or radiation, but now even Facebook is refusing to allow anything referring to 5G, even in a link, to be posted.

There was a Zoom meeting to discuss this on Thursday, led by a New York state politician, which I just learned about. I have written to Ms. Gibson asking for access to the recording when it is available, and I will share.

What’s All This Fuss About 5G? – A Forum on Zoom This Thursday – Readers Invited

What’s All This Fuss About 5G?

“While Big Tech and Mainstream Media are determined to discount anyone who publishes anything that challenges their narrative on the safety and importance of widespread use of 5G, there are seemingly rational people who nevertheless have questions about it.

Articles suggesting this – like this one – are almost certainly going to harm my standing with Google, which has become the largest controller of news and the biggest censor, I believe, in the history of the world.

Yet, it seems to me that rational and respectful debate about 5G and its safety should not be censored. And by censored I do not mean outright removal from the web, but rather having the story not show up prominently or even at all – on Google searches.”


3) For some reason various countries, especially the USA, keep emphasizing the need to compete for the lead with 5G. China seems to think it has captured the lead permanently. No doubt this will result in the US (and therefore Canada) increasing the push to increase the radiation to which we’re exposed and to take more of our personal data.

China’s 5G surge: All major cities to have 5G network coverage by year-end

“…To achieve that, China will continue to develop next-generation information networks and expand 5G applications. Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said China would aim to extend 5G network coverage to all prefecture-level cities. That’s nearly 300 cities and essentially all of China’s sizable cities.

Despite COVID-19, China is well on its way in achieving this goal in 2020 as the pace of 5G base station construction will rapidly speed up.

In 2019, China averaged over 2,400 5G base stations built per week. In 2020 it will average over 10,000. That also puts China on track to accomplish its goal of building a total of over 600,000 5G base stations by year’s end….

In March, GSMA, an international association of over 750 mobile operators, said China had cemented its position as a global 5G leader due to significant operator investment and growing enthusiasm from consumers and enterprises.

This investment and enthusiasm allow China to lead in the early adoption of 5G. It’s estimated that 70 percent of global 5G connections in 2020 will come from China. By 2025, GSMA forecasts that China will have the largest consumer market for 5G globally, with over 800 million 5G connections.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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