2020-04-22 Does exposure to 5G make people more susceptible to C-19?

1) There is another very good webinar this Saturday, Stop 5G Day. If you can’t register for it to participate live, it will be recorded and I will share the info when it is available.

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“Please join us as we explore together challenges related to satellites, the internet’s footprint, impacts on wildlife, privacy and cyber security risks, the relationship between sciences and environmental hazards, and discuss legal actions currently underway.”


2) It looks as if Sacramento City Council took advantage of the self-isolation measures to proceed with approving and enhancing the 5G grid in Sacramento, with little or no public input. In fact, the City has agreed to allow use of its equipment and assets. A very sad situation for the many people in Sacramento who fought to keep 5G at bay. This seems like part of the telecoms’ surreptitious push during this unusual period.

Here is a personal account by one of those resisters:

Sacramento’s Final Decision on 5G


The ordinance that was voted on follows, and includes this “offer” by the City.

“The reservation system will provide wireless service providers an easy to use process to locate available city-owned streetlights for reservation and a management tool for their sites. Staff will bring forward a resolution to the Council at a future date and request that Council adopt a Small Cell Reservation Fee once staff is ready to implement the reservation system. The fee will be no more than is necessary to cover the City’s reasonable costs to operate the reservation system.”


3) Dr. Magda Havas is well-known for being diligent in seeking answers to tough questions, using data and statistics and real science. She is now pondering if exposure to 5G makes people more susceptible to Covid-19. Her research is just beginning on the topic, but she has shared her early findings, which are intriguing. Please note that she is NOT saying that, OR EVEN ASKING whether, Covid-19 is caused by 5G. Nothing of the sort.

Is there an association between Covid-19 cases/deaths and 5G in the United States?

“The average (mean) number of covid-19 tests per 1 million people is similar for the have (with 5G) and have not (without 5G) states. Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher and covid-19 deaths per million are 126% higher in states with 5G. Whether these results are due to some factor other than 5G and whether this association will persist as time goes on remains to be seen.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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