2020-03-23 5G key to US “space force”

1) During this extended period of isolation, various approaches are being considered to provide education to children. In California, the government is asking for funding to expand technology:

“With schools closed across the state and teachers struggling to implement online and alternative learning programs, the governor also asked for an expansion of technology investments for schools, an increase in Title I funding for schools with a high concentration of poverty, broadband internet upgrades, grants for teachers to adapt to digital-age instruction and more money for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Programs.”

Here is a letter in response from the BioInitiative Working Group to California Governor Newsom:

Protecting Health and Welfare of Students and their Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Specific to Wireless Technology Use

“Both proposals will likely have unintended and harmful health consequences that likely outweigh any benefits to learning. Immunosuppression is an effect of chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation at levels produced by wireless routers and wireless laptop use. One router in a typical family home will affect all occupants, which may include infants and the elderly who have less resilient immune systems and as a result are at very high risk from this virus.”


2) It sounds as if the US military could be used to protect the 5G grid to ensure that no other country, especially China, gets access to the data procured via this invasive network.

5G technology will be a key part of the US Space Force mission, officials say

“Air Force leadership stressed that the global race to develop 5G networks will be a crucial part of developing the military’s newest sister service branch dedicated to space….

“It would be a shame that if something that is going to control most of the data moving from machine to machine commercializes first overseas,” Roper added…

“5G is as important to the future of the Space Force as it is to the Air Force,” he added.”


3) Dafna Tachover was kind enough to provide the source for the information which was included in last night’s update                              [1) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-03-22-fcc-approves-1-million-micro-small-cells/]  about the frequencies that are being planned for use by the many “ground stations”. This article was written more than a year ago. I don’t have any information about how this application had been progressing but suddenly, last week, FCC approved it (as per the article in last night’s update). It does seem very possible that the pandemic was used as an excuse to accelerate the approval process.

SpaceX Seeks FCC Approval for 1 Million Earth-Based Satellite Uplinks

“Private spaceflight firm SpaceX has been publicly planning to deploy a network of “Starlink” satellites to offer broadband internet for several years, but all the details have been on the space-based end. Now, a subsidiary company called SpaceX Services has asked the FCC for authorization to deploy up to a million ground transmitters to communicate with the Starlink satellites….
On the ground side, SpaceX now says it wants a blanket license to deploy the one-million stations on Earth that will end users in the US to its satellite network. Each terminal would make use of advanced beamforming and steerable antenna technology. The SpaceX constellation is set to operate in the Ku-band spectrum, thus the FCC’s involvement. The Earth stations will transmit at 14.0-14.5GHz and receive signals at 10.7-12.7GHz. For comparison, current LTE networks operate at 600MHz to 2.5GHz.”


4) A member sent this to me, suggesting/asking if perhaps BC Hydro has a tiny bit of heart…but they don’t want anyone to know.

(click on photo to enlarge)


“Important information about BC HYDRO! They are not making this a public announcement….but I just got off the phone with BC Hydro(because I am moving) and at this time, due to COVID-19, I was informed there is NO CONSEQUENCES/ NO INTEREST/ NO ACCOUNT CLOSURES for folks that cannot pay their bills. I asked the guy several times if I heard this correctly and he assured me that I had. I suggested that BC HYDRO do everyone a solid and make a public announcement…. so we can all be informed…. he didn’t seem to care. Do your own due diligence…. check it out yourself… blessings of good health on all levels.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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