2020-02-29 FDA report torn apart

1) A YouTube recommended by a member who says about 90% looks good. Grab a cup of coffee — it’s 1hr. 36 min. long.

Lena Pu — 5G and The Wuhan Debacle

“Lena Pu is a mother of two teenage children, her past work involved restoring sensitive environmental habitat for the US Army Corps of Engineers. As a project manager, she worked with all the alphabet agencies for several years and took that experience and training as well as knowledge of environmental toxicology into her new line of work and passion – promoting the health of all life by preserving our natural electromagnetic earth through the use of safe technologies, WIRED tech. She is currently the Environmental Health Consultant for the ‘National Association for Children and Safe Technologies’ (NACST.org).”


2) An interview with Dr. Mercola that is a plug for his new book on EMF. Because Dr. M is familiar to so many, his book could be a great way to help many who otherwise would not have any awareness of dangers associated with wireless devices.

Dangers of 5G and EMF with Dr Joseph Mercola


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) cause massive mitochondrial dysfunction, thus raising the risk for, and worsening, chronic and degenerative diseases

A perfect storm of DNA and cellular protein and membrane destruction is created when you aren’t burning fat for fuel (which creates excess superoxide) and then get exposed to EMFs

By creating doubt and controversy, the wireless industry effectively prevents the public from knowing the truth and demanding safer products. Another wireless industry strategy that prevents the problem from becoming public knowledge is the capturing of our federal regulatory agencies

Elon Musk’s Starlink project, which is slated to deploy up to 42,000 satellites into orbit around the earth, will blanket the entire planet with 5G internet frequencies. You won’t be able to escape it

Based on the studies already done on previous generations of wireless, we know it’s harmful, and 5G is only going to make matters worse, as it will dramatically increase our exposures


3) The US FDA has released a report regarding the relationship between RF and Cancer. It should be no surprise that the conclusion is that there is insufficient evidence to be concerned about microwave radiation causing cancer. No doubt the lobbying effort is strong in this department. Cancer is one of the greatest fears but there are so many other health effects that are serious, and perhaps more common, and seldom get any attention from governmental review panels.

Dr. Leszczynski takes the FDA report apart piece by piece and identifies inconsistencies and deliberate ignorance in it.

US FDA 2020 Report on carcinogenicity of RF-EMF contradicts safety claims of ICNIRP

“In February 2020 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published Report analyzing studies examining the possible causal link between RF-EMF and cancer.

The anti-5G activists in their reading of the FDA Report have narrowly focused on Report’s dismissal of the carcinogenicity evidence/claim by the FDA and they demand withdrawal of the FDA Report as biased and scientifically flawed. This might be a mistake, like ‘throwing out baby with a bath water’, because FDA Report, when read carefully, contradicts some of the opinions of ICNIRP that are the pillars of the ICNIRP’s claim of RF-EMF safety….

“…The [epidemiology] data suggest the need for shifting the focus from the general population with undetectable overall risk to a very small subset of people who might be inherently predisposed to the risk for tumorigenesis and who therefore might be more susceptible to putative risk modification by the intense RF-EMF exposure…””


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Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer

“In summary, the epidemiological data published between January 1, 2008 to May 8, 2018, continue to support the FDA’s findings that there is no quantifiable causal link between RFR exposure and tumor formation.” (pg. 87)



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Things will only improve when the people – all of us – say to authorities, ‘I will hold you responsible.’ We should all be showing up at city council meetings, lighting up every community with activism and mobilization.”                     Erin Brockovich


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