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For personal reasons, updates may be somewhat sporadic for the next while.

Tonight’s update is devoted to material provided from a group in Fairfield, Iowa, USA where a public forum was held devoted to discussing 5G, benefits, problems and alternatives. Many thanks to Einar for sharing this.

In the material, reference is made to some items which I’ve shared before, Oram Miller’s great paper on 5G, and Dr. Timothy Schoechle’s paper on fiber optic cable “Re-inventing Wires”. Also, there is a New York Times Article. Here are easy links to all 3:




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This is the first of two emails important for those interested in local 5G info and materials.

A. Fairfield Forum Video

B. Which 5G Just Started in Fairfield?

C. Local Health Complaints?

D. Tim Schoechle’s Book & Oram Miller’s 5G Explanation

About 125 people came to the first Fairfield Forum this past Saturday, which was on 5G. Most of the attendees seemed to be 5G opponents. Mayor Connie Boyer summarized her letter to U.S. Cellular President Ken Meyers. She plans both town hall meetings and forums in the future. The press release on the forum ends this email.

One thing that became clear to me: Stopping or limiting 5G can be understood and undertaken in holistic terms of community development, not just ‘opposing 5G.’

Important to understand about 5G (Please Read the Following Carefully, it still may not be clear to many) –

There are THREE TYPES of 5G:

1. Low-band (600 MHz to 1 GHz or so). Here in FF, it is 600 MHz (Tim Schoechle referred to this as ‘4G labelled as 5G for marketing purposes.’ No mmWaves, and no beam forming.

2. Mid-band (about 1-6 GHz) No mmWaves, but does include beam forming (above 2 GHz)

(6-20 GHz currently occupied by other uses, not currently available for 5G)

3. High-band (20 GHz and above) Both mmWaves and beam forming – the ‘5G’ we’ve been hearing about the past couple years, which is being very cut back the past few months since it is not working as expected, and is not expected to come to rural areas like Fairfield for many years – if ever (contrary to some recent statements).

NBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/09/what-is-5g-heres-what-verizon-att-sprint-and-t-mobile-offer.html

VentureBeat: https://venturebeat.com/2019/12/10/the-definitive-guide-to-5g-low-mid-and-high-band-speeds/

FCC: 5G spectrum descriptions: https://www.fcc.gov/5G

Oram Miller: Excellent Article for those interested in more detail: https://www.createhealthyhomes.com/five_g.php

FIBER: When might mmWave 5G come to Fairfield?

Oram Miller: “Many years down the road. when the technology evolves to make it financially feasible. But not for the foreseeable future.”

FIBER: VentureBeat states ‘it has been conclusively demonstrated‘ this year that mmWave 5G will be only used where there are “huge” numbers of people close together, such as

a) densely populated areas of large metro areas, and

b) big stadiums etc.

Oram: “That is what I am reading in every article and lecture I heard at the 5G trade show here in LA say.”

Tim Schoechle at first said at the forum that mmWave 5G would come here sooner or later, but when I brought that up to him on the mike, with evidence otherwise, he took it back, and said he didn’t know, and no one knows. True.

Low-band 5G HAS already begun in Fairfield – NOT just the intermediate stage of “Advanced LTE” which started last November. US Cellular’s low-band 5G is currently at lower power than 4G LTE and is expected to increase to the same power as 4GLTE.

US Cellular announced that “5G” would begin the first quarter of 2020. So this is what has already taken place.

BUT, to repeat, the “5G” which has started here is NOT higher frequency, NOT mmWave, and NOT higher power. It is the LOW-BAND 5G, NOT the mmWave 5G we’ve heard and read about for a couple years.


This does NOT mean the modulated LTE Advanced and low band 5G we have is necessarily safe:

Oram Miller: Agreed. As I learned from engineers at the 5G trade shows, 5G signals in mmWave that must be beam formed only transmit when called upon by a 5G-enabled device (for mmWave 5G). That beam is narrow, only 2-15 degrees wide, and does not sweep the neighborhood with full force unless called for, and only to one house where that mobile device is located.

4G LTE, [Advanced LTE,] and low band 5G, on the other hand, is always on with a wide beam that bathes every house in front of it with constant RF.”

“With the modulating technologies that 4G LTE Advanced has, and the ubiquitous nature with which [LTE Advanced and low-band 5G] is being deployed in residential neighborhoods around the country, I would say that it is as much or more of an issue for people’s health [than high-band mmWave 5G].”

We know of four specific people who report significant health complaints since the new large arrays went up, and have heard rumors of others. If you feel you have had symptoms beginning when the new arrays went up, please email us and describe those specific symptoms. We do not mean statements like, ‘There are many people with symptoms.’ That’s an unsubstantiated claim, which governmental officials can’t do much with. If YOU have had symptoms you think began when the towers went up (c. Nov. 23), please send us your SPECIFIC symptoms in an email. And please indicate if your name, and address, and contact info should be kept confidential.


Troy Garrison, the Forum’s pro-5G presenter, was enthused about the many industry-predicted benefits of 5G, but called 5G a “marketing branding sales tool” and “hype,” and spent about 40% of his talk on privacy and security risks. Main Point: Privacy concern has gone very deeply and widely into the mainstream. Almost everyone seems to be concerned about it. The NYT published a very large opinion piece on privacy recently giving much evidence that all cell phones are tracked for location when they are on, and all that data are recorded and stored and possibly sold/used. This very widespread public concern was not the case say a year ago, but it has arisen:


* Tim Schoechle, a globally respected engineer in this sector, said that cell phones are not basically engineered as communication devices, but as data harvesting and reporting devices. They communicate in order to gather, store, and report data. Which is then sold for a lot more profit than the sale of the devices or communication use.

Fundamental Points Made by BOTH the pro-5G presenter and internationally respected 5G expert opponent Tim Schoechle:

1. Fundamental: The more complex a system, the more expensive it is, and the more vulnerable it is to security problems, and wireless/5G is much more complex.

2. Fundamental: Wireless radiation is only for things that move, and that anything that does not move should be wired. Tim listed 7 features of communication systems, and that wired is superior to wireless in all but mobility.

3. Fundamental: “Connectivity = Vulnerable Smart = Insecure” – the Pro 5G presenter, who spoke about six different types of major security risk

Tim Schoechle’s talk on 5G Risk was excellent, with four main points:

1. Community Rights

2. Privacy and Security

3. Health (“the risk of cancer from wireless radiation is small, but should be taken into account”)

4. Energy, Sustainability, Climate (Embedded Materials, E-waste)

Cf. Tim’s book Reinventing Wires (drive linked and internet linked just below), which his talk summarized:

Reinventing Wires: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Re-Inventing-Wires-The-Future-of-Landlines-and-Networks-by-Timothy-Schoechle-National-Institute-for-Science-Law-Public-Policy-NISLAPP-Final-April-28-2018.pdf


* FIBER is an Iowa-based informal wireless tech organization based on research by Einar Olsen and colleagues.

The Fairfield 5G Forum event video is immediately below, and will be available on fairfieldmediacenter.com/

What is 5G? – First ‘Fairfield Forum’

Video    (2:18:50)


Two 5G PowerPoint presentations

Video produced by Werner Elmker Audio-Visual Studio

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