2020-02-08 CRTC ending subsidy for landlines

1) According to an article in “The Wire Report”, a subsidy to support copper landlines is ending in 2021. This could/will lead to the eventual end of copper landlines, which are the most reliable and the most secure type of phones. Funding is being shifted from “wireline voice” to broadband — a term which often means wireless.

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CRTC says no to delay, compensation for ending landline subsidy

“The CRTC has upheld its decision to phase out a subsidy for landlines through 2021, and in a pair of decisions today rejected requests to maintain the subsidy for at least 10 years and to compensate providers for eliminating it.”

Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2020-40

“… the Commission stated that it would begin to shift the focus of its current regulatory frameworks from wireline voice services to broadband Internet access services.”



This appears to be justified by the continual reduction in the number of landlines in use and the constant increase in cell phone use. But is this due to choice alone? Many new homes are built with no copper phone lines and with built-in Wi-Fi. The assumption seems to be, and the push is, for cell phone use. This is both dangerous and unfair, especially for those who are sensitive or those who cannot afford a cell phone.

Communications services in Canadian households: Subscriptions and expenditures 2013-2017

“In 2017, slightly more households subscribed to mobile services (89.5%) than Internet services (89.0%). Nearly all Canadian households (99.0%) subscribed to either mobile or landline service in 2017 (Table 1.2), and households owned on average 1.7 mobile phones.

Over the last decade, the percentage of households with landlines has decreased, while the percentage with mobile phones has increased (Figure 1.2). Fewer households are subscribing to both services – in 2017, almost a third (36.0%) of Canadian households were mobile-only households, and 9.5% had only a landline.”


2) BBC presented a program on EHS, showing how EMF is making people ill.

Electrosensitivity: ‘I didn’t believe people had it, then it happened to me’

https://www.bbc.com/news/av/stories-51281856/electrosensitivity-i-didn-t-believe-people-had-it-then-it-happened-to-me    (15:26 min.)

3) Wired communication is by far safer and faster than wireless, and fiber optic cable is the safest and the fastest. Wherever possible, this is the means recommended by experts. See what 3 experts have to say:



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I’m here with disturbing news about our favorite gadgets: cell phones, tablets, wi-fi, etc. Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.”          Dr. Martin Blank


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