2020-01-30 Real life exposure to 5G –> health effects

Re. faxing Prime Minister Trudeau — here is his office’s fax number: Office of the PM  Fax (613-941-6900).

Office of the PM Fax (613-941-6900)

1) In an update on Jan 28  [2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-01-28-is-5g-just-a-scam/],  I provided an abstract to a paper and promised that I would attempt to get the full report. Dr. Kostoff has graciously agreed to allow me to share the draft that he sent to Elsevier. 18 pages – a “must” read with information that substantiates our concerns and creates more.


“Neither 4G nor 5G have been tested for safety in credible real-life scenarios. Alarmingly, many of the studies conducted in more benign environments show harmful effects from this radiation. The present article overviews the medical and biological studies that have been performed to date relative to effects from wireless radiation, and shows why these studies are deficient relative to safety. However, even in the absence of the missing real-life components such as toxic chemicals and biotoxins (which tend to exacerbate the adverse effects of the wireless radiation), the literature shows there is much valid reason for concern about potential adverse health effects from both 4G and 5G technology. The studies on wireless radiation health effects reported in the literature should be viewed as extremely conservative, substantially underestimating the adverse impacts of this new technology.”


Final: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Adverse-health-effects-of-5G-mobile-networking-technology-under-real-life-conditions-by-Ronald-N.-Kostoff-Paul-Heroux-Michael-Aschner-Aristides-Tsatsakis-Toxicology-Letters-January-25-2020.pdf

2) A member sent this article, remembering that experts believe all of the satellites and the increased EMR could affect the ionosphere. Is that what is causing this, with just a few of the many thousands of planned satellites already in orbit?

Amateur photographers spot new aurora that looks like glowing green dunes

“Meet a newly discovered form of northern lights that let scientists observe invisible atmospheric waves.

This region can be affected by changes in energy from the lower atmosphere, as well as the sun, which emits the energetic particles that create auroras upon collision with Earth’s magnetic field.”


Dunes Aurora — A newly identified Phenomena (sic)


3) Cece Doucette and her team in Massachusetts have been working so hard to get legislation passed in her home state, and now there are 20 Bills being discussed at Committee levels. These Bills can be used to help us to present information both federally and provincially. See:


She is asking for our help in expressing our concern about 5G and EMR, in general, to the Chairs of the various Committees, and has made it extremely easy to do so. Below, in her request, she’s provided a sample message along with names and phone numbers of these state politicians. Please consider doing so. Her success in Massachusetts would be a major precedent that could help us.


Your voice is important, please call today!


New Hampshire has passed a law and is intensely investigating the health and environmental impact of wireless technology, especially 5G.

– Oregon has passed an emergency law to examine the non-industry funded science particularly as it pertains to wireless radiation in schools.

Massachusetts is poised to be next with 20 bills scheduled to come out of committee next week.

Many of us have done the heavy lifting in Massachusetts but we can’t clear this next hurdle without you. We would be very grateful if you would make quick calls today.

You needn’t be from Massachusetts or even the U.S. to add your voice.

With 4G/5G small cell antennas being forced into our neighborhoods everywhere, we cannot wait for someone else to fix this. Please help us bring wireless radiation to a tipping point.

By the Numbers

20 Massachusetts bills
6 Committees
2 Chairs for each committee
10 More minutes of your time

What To Do

Please pick up the phone and call the Chairs below.

You can simply state the following to the person who answers the phone — or leave a voice message any time of the day or night (extensions included).

It’s the number of calls that come in that matters at this stage:

My name is (your name) and I am calling to ask (legislator’s name)
to please advance the wireless radiation bill(s) (number(s)) as emergency measures.

Wireless is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin, and uses 10x more energy than fiber to the premises. The welfare of our collective children and planet cannot wait.

Thank you for your help.

Check-List Phone Legislator Bill
(617) 722-1572, x:2 Senator Barrett H. 2885, S. 1988, S. 1982, H. 2888, H. 2840
(617) 722-2263, x:1 Representative Golden H. 2885, S. 1988, S. 1982, H. 2888, H. 2840
(617) 722-1222, x:1 Senator Feeney S. 129, S. 130
(617) 722-2014, x:2 Representative Chan S. 129, S. 130
(617) 722-1532, x:1 Senator Comerford H. 1874, H. 1956, H. 2011, S. 1271, S. 1272, S. 1273
(617) 722-2130, x:1 Representative Mahoney H. 1874, H. 1956, H. 2011, S. 1271, S. 1272, S. 1273
(617) 722-1206 Senator Lewis H. 587, H. 588, S. 295,   S. 294
(617) 722-2070, x:2, x:2 Representative Peisch H. 587, H. 588, S. 295,   S. 294
(617) 722-1291 Senator Lesser H. 383, S. 207
(617) 722-2370, x:1 Representative Ferrante H. 383, S. 207
(617) 722-1551 Senator Pacheco S. 1867
(617) 722-2140 Representative Gregoire S. 1867


As Alicia Keys said during the Grammy’s Sunday night, “It’s when the good guys do nothing, the bad guys win.” Please make these quick calls and ask others to do the same.

​Thanks, as ever, for your time and commitment, we’ll keep you posted.


Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Co-Founder, Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Founder, Understanding EMFs
Co-Founder, Wireless Education
Co-Chair, HiBR Conference @ NIH

Expert Forum on Wi-fi in Schools

Municipal Presentation on 5G & EMFs

Additional YouTube EMF Talks

Generation Zapped Award-Winning Film

2019 EMF Conference for Health Practitioners


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“It’s when the good guys do nothing, the bad guys win.”       Alicia Keys


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