2019-12-04 Canada’s relationship with Huawei for 5G

1)  Huawei is a Chinese company which, as is normal with Chinese companies, must answer to the Chinese government. It is considered by many countries to be a security risk. Huawei wireless devices are sold in stores throughout BC and Canada.  Also, Telus has partnered with Huawei to install and implement the 5G grid.

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Living Lab in Vancouver, BC – https://www.huawei.com/en/press-events/news/2016/10/TELUS-Achieves-Blazing-fast-Results

Huawei makes the microcell transmitters that are being installed in front of our homes and which will be gathering our personal data as part of 5G/IoT program. They also participated with Telus in the pilot projects in major cities, which includes Vancouver, meaning they are participating in critical infrastructure. Many of us have written to MPs and the federal government about this and, to my knowledge, only Elizabeth May has indicated any concern about this arrangement.  Now Huawei is moving its research centre from the US to Canada.

Huawei to move research centre from U.S. to Canada, founder says

“The founder of Huawei says the Chinese tech giant is moving its U.S. research centre to Canada due to American sanctions on the company.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Ren Zhengfei said the move was necessary because Huawei would be blocked from interacting with U.S. employees.

Huawei Technologies Ltd. is the No. 2 global smartphone brand and the biggest maker of network gear for phone carriers. U.S. authorities have said the company is a security risk, which Huawei denies, and announced curbs in May on its access to U.S. components and technology.

Canada has yet to decide whether it will ban Huawei from supplying equipment to the coming 5G wireless network that telecommunication companies are planning.


2) There are many states/communities/countries expressing concerns about 5G and the proliferation of EMR. A list of 180 such actions from around the world includes this one from Canada, about which I know nothing. I will see what I can find out and will share what I discover.

121 – Canada – 3 Sept [2019]

“The NGO Action Judiciaire contre la 5G (Legal Action Against 5G) intends to use all the legal means at its disposal to demand from all the authorities concerned an urgent halt to the deployment of the 5G wireless network, including from satellites in space: the Nuremberg Code, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Charte des droits et libertés de la personne (Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the Person).”

5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People

“The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.

They thought that if they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well.

Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers.”


3)  CTV is providing info about 5G — the suggested “benefits”, and some of the problems, including the many billions of costs to “upgrade” infrastructure and to buy new 5G equipment even though service will be very limited for several years to come, and the threats from Huawei should Canada refuse to use it for 5G. Sadly, nothing re health or environmental issues.

Lightning fast but a political minefield: the trouble with 5G in Canada

“The future of autonomous and interconnected devices operating cars, homes, factories and cities requires 5G, say experts.

Groups of drones will be able to communicate while tending to crops or carrying out search and rescue operations. Cars will navigate the roads and talk to each other over 5G. A future of augmented and virtual reality delivered through mobile devices will be built on 5G, too. Sophisticated wearable health devices will monitor signals and communicate with doctors in real time and the capacity for remote and precision surgery will soar….

Huawei denies any connection to the Chinese government or any participation in espionage for Beijing, but Chinese law explicitly requires companies to support and collaborate in national intelligence efforts….

Canadian security experts and democracy activists have voiced similar concerns. Former CSIS director Richard Fadden told CTV Power Play last month that Huawei’s 5G inclusion would present some “real national security concerns for Canada,” adding that it shouldn’t be allowed in Canada’s network….

Chinese trade officials warned early in 2019 that Canada will face “repercussions” should it exclude Huawei, following that up with slashes to Canadian agricultural imports….

For its part, the Liberal government has repeatedly said it is reviewing 5G technology, security and economic considerations, and the advice of allies, but has not indicated a timeline for making a decision.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard


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