2019-11-19 Cancer Society continues to deny science re. EMR

 1)  A young person has taken time away from her studies to write a petition and hopes that many will sign and share it. Hopefully, this will reach and educate some new people — and we need more voices to pressure the politicians to ban 5G until it has been proven to be safe. 

5G=intense RF radiation. Demand a 5G moratorium in Canada until Govt can prove it’s safe.

“The rollout of 5G will adversely affect every family’s: health, security, privacy, & property values. We demand a moratorium on 5G until conflict-free research shows us it’s safe.


2)  CBC recently had a program about the increase in various cancers, especially among younger people. There was nothing, apparently, about the effect of microwave radiation.  This is not surprising since the Cancer Society refuses to acknowledge the scientific evidence that has been available for decades.

Obesity-related cancers on the rise in younger Canadians: study

“The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that just over 220,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer this year. But annual figures like that don’t tell us if doctors are winning the battle.

Now a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has identified a worrisome trend: The incidence of cancer has been creeping up in men and women under the age of 50….

The researchers believe that a major factor in rising rates of cancer in young people is obesity.”


http://www.cancer.ca/~/media/cancer.ca/CW/publications/Canadian%20Cancer%20Statistics/Canadian-Cancer-Statistics-2019-EN.pdf    The 2019 Canadian Cancer Statistics

If you look at the Canadian Cancer Society website and search for cellphones, this page comes up:


Children and cellphones

There isn’t very much research on cellphone use and health effects on children, whose bodies are still developing.

Cellphone towers

Current evidence doesn’t show any short-term or long-term health effects from the signals produced by cellphone towers. However, ongoing research is still looking at the relationship between cancer and radiofrequency exposure from all sources.”

Follow through some of the links and the information is consistently poor and dangerously misleading. Here is an example from the page for “Wi-fi”,  Even after all the research that has shown that children are especially vulnerable to microwave radiation, the Cancer Society implies that children can be exposed 24/7 and not be harmed.  We all should be shocked and angry that the agency that takes billions of dollars to do “research” on cancer provides information like this to its donors.

“Health risks of Wi-Fi

As long as RF energy levels remain below Health Canada’s RF safety guidelines, current scientific evidence supports the assertion that RF energy emissions from Wi-Fi devices are not harmful. Health Canada’s conclusions are consistent with the findings of other international bodies and regulators, including the World Health Organization, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the U.K. Health Protection Agency.

RF energy exposure from Wi-Fi equipment in all areas accessible to the general public are required to meet Health Canada’s safety guidelines. The limits specified in the guidelines are far below the threshold for adverse health effects and are based on an ongoing review of thousands of published scientific studies on the health impacts of RF energy. The public exposure limits apply to everyone, including children, and allow for continuous, 24/7 exposure.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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